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You’ve just downloaded the free Basic Edition of Simply Schedule Appointments; we’re glad to have you with us! We wanted to give you this guide to help you start using all the features the Basic Edition has to offer.

In case you need help installing and activating your new Basic Edition, here’s a guide to help you do that: Installing the Free Basic Edition.

Display the Calendar on Your Site

Place the booking calendar into any of your WordPress pages or posts.

Use this to:

  • Let your visitors book a time slot in your Contact page.
  • Display the booking calendar in each of your blog posts.
  • Make your booking calendar for members only pages.

Guides to help you set this up:

Style and Customize the Calendar

Customize and style the booking calendar to match your site’s theme. Use our style settings tool or use our CSS snippets to create a look unique to your site.

Use this to:

  • Change colors of text, background, accents.
  • Modify the time slot formatting.
  • Hide or change headers or text in the booking process.

Guides to help you set this up:

Block Out Holidays and Vacations

Choose days that you need to block out from your calendar. Make sure no one can book on the days that you business is closed.

Use this to:

  • Remove all the time slots during your vacation days.
  • Make sure no one books on a holiday.

Guides to help you set this up:

Style and Write Your Notifications

Write and style the notifications to represent your business. Use our Twig templates or recommended plugins to customize the notifications your customers receive.

Use this to:

  • Style the email notifications to match your branding.
  • Write customized messages depending on the appointment type booked.

Guides to help you set this up:

Add Advanced Rules to Your Booking Calendar

Get more control on the rules for your booking calendar.

Use this to:

  • Choose a date range for when time slots are bookable.
  • Limit when visitors can access your calendar.
  • Set how far into the future visitors can book time slots.

Guides to help you set this up:

Translate the Booking Calendar

Get the booking calendar to display in different languages.

Use this to:

  • Cater to your non-English visitors.
  • Use with multilingual site for international bookings.

Guides to help you set this up:

Integrate with The Events Calendar

With The Events Calendar + SSA integration, you’ll have the power to display beautiful event pages AND manage the availability for meetings at the same time.

Use this to:

  • Have monthly recurring events that you’d like to list separately (instead of all in a single booking calendar).
  • Want to show all of your appointment type events in a single calendar view.
  • Offer sporadic availability on specific dates.

Guides to help you get this set up:

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