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Blackout Dates are days blocked off in your Booking Calendar completely for all Appointment Types.

If you’re using Team booking, you’ll also have the option to apply blackout dates to individual team members.

Potential Use Cases

  • Vacation days
  • National holidays
  • Any other days when you’re unavailable for appointments

Using Blackout Dates

To use blackout dates, set the toggle to on in the Settings tab. Then click Edit Settings.

Toggling the setting

Adding and Removing Days to the Blackout Dates

To add a blackout date, click a day in the calendar. You’ll see it appear under the Selected Dates list. You can add as many dates as you’d like.

To remove a date, click on the red trash can to the right of the date. Or, click on the orange box on the calendar of the date you want to remove.

Adding and removing dates

When you’re finished selecting dates, click the Save button to save your dates.

Picking Future Months or Years

You can use the left and right arrows to change to a different month or year.

Or, jump directly to a month or year by clicking on the month or year in the calendar header to open a selection menu.

Jumping directly to a month and year in the future

Automatic Removal of Past Blackout Dates

Blackout dates that have already passed will be automatically removed. That way, only upcoming blackout dates are displayed under the Selected Dates list.

Blocking Off Partial Days to Blackout Dates

Currently, we don’t have a solution to remove only part of the day. But we do have two workarounds to help you achieve this.

Manually Book Each Time Slot

To block off part of the day, book the time slots you’re unavailable for.

Sync with Google Calendar

Available in the Plus, Pro, and Business Editions.

Or, you could sync all your Appointment Types with Google Calendar. You could create a new Google Calendar that blocks off vacation or reduced-hour days.

Then, you could have all your Appointment Types check that calendar for conflicts so that your Booking Calendar can automatically block off the entire or partial day.

This can also help you block off multiple days, weeks, or even recurring days simultaneously.

Blocking Off Partial Days with Google Calendar

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