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This guide walks you through collecting the ICS Subscription Feed or ICS file for your appointments to sync your personal calendar applications to all incoming bookings.

Use this for:

  • Syncing your Microsoft Outlook or iCal calendars to new bookings (write-only connection, can’t check for conflicts)
  • Display bookings on your site using plugins like The Events Calendar and ICS Calendar

Collecting the ICS Subscription Feed Link

Locate the ICS Subscription Feed link by going to the SSA Appointments dashboard > Export > Subscribe to calendar.

Screenshot of the Simply Schedule Appointments dashboard page with the Subscribe to calendar option highlighted from the Export button dropdown.
Export button dropdown

This will generate a link to set up the ICS syncing on your personal calendar applications.

The ICS subscription feed takes your active Filters into account. When generating the ICS subscription feed link, please be mindful of your Filter selections.

Screenshot of the ICS calendar subscription feed popup where you'll be able to copy the ICS URL.
ICS Subscription feed URL popup

Download the ICS File Instead

If you need to collect the ICS file, simply enter the Subscription URL into your browser’s search bar. This will generate an ICS file and instantly download it to your computer.

Setting up Google, Microsoft Outlook, and iCal ICS Subscription Feeds

Using the ICS subscription feeds for Microsoft Outlook and iCal is an excellent alternative if you don’t want to set up Google Calendar sync.

This will ONLY sync new bookings to your personal calendar applications — this does NOT check for conflicts like our Google Calendar integration.

Google Import Events with ICS

Although we recommend you use our Google Calendar integration for our paid users, our free Basic users can import their events to their Google calendars using ICS.

Import events to Google Calendar

Outlook ICS Subscription Feeds

Microsoft offers a step-by-step guide to setting up calendar subscriptions for your Outlook calendar.

Subscribe to a Calendar in Outlook

iCal ICS Subscription Feeds

Apple offers a step-by-step guide to setting up calendar subscriptions from your Mac or iCloud account.

Use iCloud calendar subscriptions guide

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