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Find all the information you need about the interview and case study editing process below. And find a time to meet with us for your Zoom interview or simply fill in the form!

Sharing Your Success Story

You’re welcome to fill in the form on this page to enter all your success story information. OR, you can also book a time with our team for an interview.

Before Filling in the Form - Please Read!

If you opt to fill in the form instead of receiving an interview – keep in mind that this should take anywhere from 15 – 20 minutes to fill in. 

Also, be prepared to upload a high-quality photo of yourself and your business logo.

Interview Option

After booking a time for our meeting using the form on this page, you’ll receive an email and Google invite containing our Zoom meeting room link. 

We will be recording the interview, but don’t worry this won’t be posted anywhere! This is only used for our own note taking purposes. We’d rather have a conversation with you, rather than stop every 5 seconds to write something down.

And lastly, we understand you’re a busy person, so this shouldn’t take any longer than 30 minutes.

The general questions

Editing and Publishing Process

Next, we’ll gather and plug all the information into our Success Story page.

We’ll send it to you and ask if you’d like to make any changes. We can work closely to ensure we have all the correct information.

Once you approve, we’ll add it to our site and happily promote it on our Facebook and Twitter pages. And you’re welcome to share it as well!

Success Story Examples

You can expect your success story to look like the following pages:

Bonus! Testimonial Carousel

We’ll also happily promote your success story across our website through our testimonial carousel (see it below). No extra steps are necessary to receive this added promotion. 

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