This guide applies to:

  • Basic Edition
  • Plus Edition
  • Pro Edition
  • Business Edition

What You Need First

Version: 3.8.0

Available for Editions:

  • Basic (Free)
  • Plus
  • Professional
  • Business

How to Use Simply Schedule Appointments with Beaver Builder

You’ll first need to setup your Appointment Types using the Simply Schedule Appointments Admin page. As well as make sure that the General Settings and Notifications are set up correctly.

If you have both Simply¬† Schedule Appointments and Beaver Builder installed, when you’re editing a page with Beaver Builder, you’ll see a Simply Schedule Appointments section in the modules:

Simply Schedule Appointments section in Beaver Builder modules
Simply Schedule Appointments modules

You should see two options for modules:

  • Booking: Displays a Booking Calendar
  • Upcoming Appointments: Displays list of booked appointments to logged-in users

Setting Up a Booking Calendar with the Booking Module

To add a Booking Calendar, simply click on the plus-sign next to Booking to drag and drop the module into the page.

General Settings for Booking Module

After dragging and dropping the Booking Module onto the page, you’ll see a floating box with settings. Under the General Settings tab you could adjust the Appointment Types displayed and also other Styling options.

For the Appointment Types, you’ll see a drop-down and there will be the option to display All the Appointment Types or just a single Appointment Type.

For the Styling options, you’ll be able to change the Accent Color, Background Color, Font, and Padding.

When you’re done making changes select Save.

floating settings box when added to beaver builder

Advanced Settings for Booking Module

Under the Advanced Settings tab you could adjust Spacing, Visibility, Animation, HTML, and Export/Import.

For the Spacing, adjust this to align the Booking Calendar.

For the Visibility, use the Breakpoint and Display drop-downs to choose conditions for when the booking calendar is visible to visitors.

For Animation, chose one of these if you’d like your visitors to see an animation of the booking calendar.

For HTML, use when you’d like to be able to use this module in separate HTML code.

For Export/Import, use this is you’d like to use the same settings or styles from the Booking Module in another Module.

When you’re done making changes select Save.

advanced settings for booking module in beaver builder

Editing an Existing Booking Module

Use the Wrench icon when you hover over the Booking Calendar to bring up the floating box with settings again.

wrench icon to bring up floating settings box


Setting Up An Upcoming Appointments Module

Screenshot of upcoming appointment list
Upcoming appointments for a logged-in user

The¬†Upcoming Appointments module is only visible to logged-in users. It allows them to see their upcoming booked appointments as a list – a handy reminder of what they’ve got to look forward to. And they can click to view details, edit, cancel, or reschedule their appointments as well.