The 10 Best Appointment Scheduling Plugins for WordPress in 2020

Best WordPress Scheduling Plugins 2020

It should come as no surprise that plenty of businesses still opt for phone calls and emails to take reservations and schedule appointments. But what if there was a faster, easier way to have appointments scheduled? Fortunately, if your business has its own WordPress website, there is. They’re called appointment scheduling plugins. With just a…

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Set specific start times for available appointments

When we were first thinking about how availability for appointments would work, we envisioned big blocks of time where you’d be available to take appointments, and your customers would be able to book any appointment that fit within that available block. For example, if your typical workday was 9am-5pm and a customer wanted to book…

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Elementor Widgets for Booking Appointments

Elementor Appointment Booking Widgets Banner

You’ve probably heard of Elementor—it’s the most popular WordPress page builder, active on more than three million websites. Over time, we’ve heard from a lot of Elementor users who would like to be able to drag-and-drop Simply Schedule Appointments directly into their layouts. To make life easier for our customers who are using Elementor and…

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Beaver Builder Booking Modules

Appointment Booking Modules for Beaver Builder Banner

Like anyone else who’s given it a try, we’re pretty big fans of Beaver Builder—a super awesome, drag-n-drop page builder for WordPress. Throughout the last year, we’ve heard from a lot of Beaver Builder users who would like to be able to drag-and-drop Simply Schedule Appointments directly into their layouts. So, to make life easier…

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Easier translations for your appointments – booking in your language

Translations feature

As more people start using Simply Schedule Appointments, we’ve had lots of folks who need to translate the plugin into other languages. Understandably, people were most interested in having the booking form translated. Simply Schedule Appointments is and always has been translation-ready, but we started to bump into some of the limitations of the WordPress…

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Conversion tracking – Appointment Booking Funnels

Today, we’re introducing conversion tracking to our Professional Edition – which means we can officially mark SSA Pro complete! Thanks to everyone who pre-ordered 🙂 Just like the rest of Simply Schedule Appointments, it’s a snap to set up and start using. Just head to your Simply Schedule Appointment settings, and click the toggle to…

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No more no-shows with SMS appointment reminders

SMS Reminders - foxy texting

Today’s release includes the ability to send SMS appointment notifications and reminders, either to yourself as the admin or to your customers. Email and SMS reminders are available for the Professional and Business Editions of Simply Schedule Appointments. There are a few different bits to getting set up for this, so we’ll walk you through…

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Appointment reminders and followups for Pro Edition

Reminders showing foxy with a red string tied around a paw

Ever wanted to send a reminder email to your customers the day before their appointment to make sure they remember? If you’re a Pro Edition customer, now you can! Today’s release includes the first part of our flexible reminders feature, which allows you to send out email reminders and email followups as needed. Here’s a…

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Let your customers pay for their appointments with PayPal

PayPal payments with Foxy using a cash regsiter

Back in February, we released the ability to allow your customers to pay for their appointments with Stripe. That’s been really handy, but quite a few folks also wanted to add PayPal to the mix. Today, we released PayPal payments for Simply Schedule Appointments! Preparing for payments First things first – if you want to…

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