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In this guide we’re going to show you how to export your Bookings (both Visible and ALL) directly from the Appointments tab in your SSA Admin page.

Potential Use Cases:

  • Use the CSV file in Excel to analyze appointment data.
  • Import it to your CRM or Client Management Tool.

Exporting Visible Bookings

Any appointments that are loaded on your screen will be exported.

You could add Filters or Load More Appointments; either way, all the ones visible on the page will be exported.

Exporting example

Let’s say I only wanted to export bookings in the Past Appointments view for my Video Call Appointment Type.

  1. First I’d change the Appointments View to Past Appointments.
Using the Views dropdown in the SSA Appointments Tab
Using the Views dropdown

2. Then, I’d go to the Filter and choose Video Call from the Appointment Type dropdown and only select Booked from the Appointment Status dropdown.

Adding filters before exporting to CSV
Using the Filters on the Past Appointments View

3. Now, I can use the Export button to create a CSV of all the Visible Past Appointments for my Booked Video Calls.

Use the Export button once you've filtered the booking you're looking for to create a CSV file of your visible appointments
Use the Export button once you’ve filtered the booking you’re looking for

Exporting ALL Bookings

For exporting ALL Bookings, you’ll need to go to the SSA Appointments page. From here you’ll need to use the Views dropdown to select the Date Range View.

The Date Range View is the only view that allows you to select all of your booked appointments without having to use the Load More Appointments button. The only pre-requisite is that you need a general sense of when you began taking appointments.

After selecting the Date Range View, you’ll see a screen with Start and End Dates, along with other filters.

Screenshot depicting the Date Range of Appointment Types in order to export all appointments.
The Date Range View

Using Start and End Date to Load All Your Bookings

Our export feature currently works by only exporting the loaded and visible appointments on the page. So by using the Date Range we will essentially be loading ALL of the appointments onto the page so that they’re technically visible.

For this to work, you must fill out the Start Date. Choose a date that you know is for sure before the time that you began to use SSA. Feel free to give yourself a couple of months’ buffer.

If you have 100s or 1000s of bookings, please be patient; the plugin is trying to load all of your bookings onto the page, which may take a while. If it seems like the page is frozen, give it a moment to finish loading.

Feel free to also use the other filters to narrow down on a specific set of appointments.

Export After The Page Finishes Loading

Once the page is done loading, you’re welcome to use the Export button on the top-right corner. This should start the CSV download from your browser.

What’s Included in the CSV File

When you select the Export option, a file called appointments.csv is created and downloaded onto your browser. From there you could download that file to your computer.

Each row of the CSV represents an appointment. Here is a list of the included columns:

  • ID
  • Start Date
  • Start Time
  • End Date
  • End Time
  • Appointment Type
  • Status
  • Customer Timezone
  • Date Created
  • Payment Method
  • Payment Amount
  • Edit Link
  • Team Member(s)
  • Name
  • Email
  • Fields: One column for each field (Paid Edition Customers will also see their custom fields in each column)

Settings That Affect Visible Bookings Exports

Appointment View

  • Upcoming Appointments: All Today and future appointments
  • Past Appointments: All Past Appointments
  • Date Range: Choose a Start and End Date to view appointments inside that range
Using the Views dropdown in the SSA Appointments Tab in preparation to export bookings
Using the Views dropdown

Load More Appointments

Shows older appointments (Located at the end of the Appointments list)

Load More Appointments button glowing green to indicate more unloaded appointments in the Appointments tab to export bookings

Settings That Affect both Visible and ALL Bookings Exports


  • Appointment Types: Choose one or more
  • Appointment Status: Choose one or more
    • Booked
    • Cancelled
    • Pending Payment
    • Pending Form Submission
    • Abandoned
  • Team member: Choose one or more
Appointment tab filters that affect Visible Appointments to export bookings
Using the Booking Status dropdown

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