This guide applies to:

  • Basic Edition
  • Plus Edition
  • Pro Edition
  • Business Edition

What You Need First

Version Release: x.3.8.5 and up

At least one appointment in your Appointments tab.

How You Could Use Exporting Appointments to CSV

This feature allows a quick export of all your Visible Appointments directly from the Appointments tab in your Admin page.

Potential Use Cases:

  • Use CSV file in Excel to analyze appointment data
  • Import it to your CRM or Client Management Tool

What Does Visible Appointments Mean?

This literally means any appointments that are loaded on your screen will be exported.

You could potentially add Filters or Load More Appointments, either way all the ones that are visible on the page will be exported.

For example, if I only wanted to export the Past Appointments for my Video Call Appointment Type that were Booked, first I’d change the Appointments View to Past.

Then, I’d go to the Filter and choose Video Call from the Appointment Type dropdown and only select Booked from the Appointment Status dropdown.

Adding filters before exporting

Now, I can use the Export button to create a CSV of all the Visible Past Appointments for my Booked Video Calls.

Export using button on top-right corner

What’s Included in the CSV File

When you select the Export option a file called appointments.csv is created and downloaded onto your browser. From there you could download that file to your computer.

Note: If you’ve used the Export option before and haven’t cleared your browsers downloaded files, then it will also name any new export files appointments2.csv, appointments3.csv, etc.

Each row of the CSV represents an appointment.

Here is a list of the columns:

  • Appointment ID
  • Appointment Start Date
  • Appointment End Date
  • Appointment Type
  • Status
  • Customer Timezone
  • Date Created
  • Payment Method
  • Payment Amount
  • Edit Link
  • Name
  • Email
  • Fields: One column for each field (Paid Edition Customers will also see their custom fields in each column)

CSV of exported appointments

Settings That Affect Visible Appointments

Appointment View

  • Upcoming Appointments: All Today and future appointments
  • Past Appointments: All Past Appointments
  • Date Range: Choose a Start and End Date to view appointments inside that range


  • Appointment Types: Choose one or more
  • Appointment Status: Choose one or more
    • Booked
    • Cancelled
    • Pending Payment
    • Pending Form Submission
Appointment tab filters that affect Visible Appointments

Load More Appointments

Shows older appointments (Located at the end of the Appointments list)

Load More Appointment located at the end of the appointments list