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Is there accessibility in SSA? Indeed there is! We are ecstatic to discuss how our plugin is built with accessibility in mind.

What is Accessibility?

First and foremost, what is accessibility? Accessibility is the practice of making websites and applications usable by as many people as possible.

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines provide a list of how to meet WCAG requirements.

How SSA is Accessible

The front end of our booking plugin is completely accessible-friendly and should meet accessibility guidelines in all versions of Simply Schedule Appointments.

We also have a setting built into the plugin within the Settings > Styles area that allows admins to toggle “Contrast Mode”. Contrast Mode allows easy text readability when a dark background color is present.

Contrast Mode can be determined within the Styles Settings for accessibility in SSA.
Our video walkthrough will show you how this feature works.

The back-end for the booking app is accessible-friendly, but we are aware of some improvements that can be made.

Verifying Accessibility in SSA

Verifying accessibility in SSA is easy. The following tools are great for doing so:

To see Simply Schedule Appointments’ accessibility in action, please visit this marvelous demo here.

Screen Readers

Screen readers can be used to read the text and booking calendar contents aloud to users. This is especially useful for those who have low or limited vision, reading and learning difficulties, or mobility issues.

Keyboard Navigation

A keyboard allows users to navigate the booking form easily and provide a more accessible experience. Users can navigate between appointment types, dates, and times to select their preferred booking slot. Then, they can shift between fields to fill out the information as needed and submit the appointment information.

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