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A look at how this graphic design and website development agency uses Simply Schedule Appointments® to streamline their sales funnel.

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customer story

[With Simply Schedule Appointments] It's been fantastic. The thing I appreciate the most is how responsive your support has been and how helpful and hands-on your team is.

What Creative Repute Had to Say

We interviewed Nile Livingston, the Founder and CEO of Creative Repute, to gain some insight into how Simply Schedule Appointments is helping her business.

Tell us a bit more about your business and how it got started.

My business is called Creative Repute LLC, we’ve been around since 2017, and we’re mainly based in Philadelphia. I started this business because of my background in visual arts and design. I just came to the point where, as an individual, I couldn’t handle or take on the number of requests that were coming through. So I decided to work with a team of specialists who knew even more than I did.

Over the years, we’ve grown to offer a wider range of services and to respond to our client’s needs, which includes branding, graphic design, and website development.

How does your team work? Are your clients all local?

All 20 of our team members are working remotely. Many of us are based in Philadelphia, we have deep roots in the city. But we do have team members throughout the US and other countries as well.

And, for the most part, our clients are based in Philadelphia just because SEO has been working for us in terms of generating local awareness. Many of our clients are nonprofits and foundations, or people who are interested in social justice work.

What made you decide to use a booking system instead of a contact form?

I think just the fact that we work remotely instead of in an office, where you’d have one person answer the phone. I mean, we do have that now, but it was really overwhelming before without the booking system.

It felt better to give clients the option of scheduling a time with us so that we can give them our full attention instead of, for example, being in the middle of something else and trying to answer their questions through an unannounced phone call.

Another benefit of having a booking system in place is that I want to automate things as much as possible. Having clients pick a time that works for them is better than having to figure it out through back and forth messages.

How does your business use Simply Schedule Appointments' booking system?

Right now we’re using the Team booking feature to send me and my team members emails and web meeting links when someone books a Brand Audit meeting.

The Brand Audit is the first step in our sales funnel. From the booking form, the clients can start to indicate some of the things that they want us to be prepared to talk about in the meeting. For example, are they looking for a design or are they looking for a website, or something else?

We also use Google Calendar sync to allow each of us to block off our own availability. For example, if I have a personal appointment the next Monday afternoon, I’ll be excluded from being assigned bookings at that time.

This is great when I have other back-to-back meetings between our company or other personal matters.

How has your experience been with Simply Schedule Appointments so far?

It’s been fantastic. The thing I appreciate the most is how responsive your support has been and how helpful and hands-on your team is.

I think you’ve been really attentive to some of our needs and you’ve updated and adjusted the plugin to meet them. And so I really appreciate that and think it’s honestly been perfect.

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Business Overview

Organization: Creative Repute LLC.

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Edition: SSA Business Edition


  • Booking consultations is the first step in their sales funnel.
  • This remote team stays organized by automatically assigning team members to clients for consultations.
  • And, by having automatic booking notifications for their whole team.

It felt better to give clients the option of scheduling a time with us so that we can give them our full attention

SSA Highlights

Key Features: Team Booking

How Team Booking Helps: Allows the team of sales reps and consultants to share ownership of new appointments.

Success Story Summary

A quick wrap-up of our interview with Creative Repute, including the Challenge they faced, how Simply Schedule Appointments was able to help them, and the happily ever after.


Working for a remote team means that there isn’t a dedicated person to answer the phone and give consultations at all times.


Simply Schedule Appointments allows this business to give their clients their full attention because they’re booking from the teams’ open availability.


As the initial step in their sales funnel, this has proven itself as a successful driver for closing projects and maintaining balance in their remote team.

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