Success Story

Pole Mountain Pharmacy

A look at how one independently-owned pharmacy uses Simply Schedule Appointments® to seamlessly schedule COVID-19 vaccinations amid the pandemic.

[With Simply Schedule Appointments] We’re able to manage the high demand for the COVID-19 vaccine, in a way that’s easy to navigate for our staff and our patients. Being able to orderly schedule approximately 600 appointments per day was a major accomplishment for us.

What Pole Mountain Pharmacy Had to Say

We interviewed Brett Kvenild, the Pharmacist and Owner of Pole Mountain pharmacy, to gain some insight into how Simply Schedule Appointments was able to help his business.

What were you hoping to improve in your business by using a booking system?

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Pole Mountain Pharmacy hadn’t done much appointment scheduling. For flu shots, the Wyoming-based pharmacy, owned and operated by pharmacist Brett Kvenild, would simply advertise that vaccinations were available and welcome to all individuals, at any time.

But when tasked with distributing the COVID-19 vaccine in their county, which they anticipated 100’s if not 1000’s of bookings, it became clear they’d need a more efficient and reliable scheduling process.

Have you tried other scheduling solutions? How was that experience?

During the flu-shot season of 2020, Pole Mountain attempted to regulate traffic in the store and allow for better social distancing using paper scheduling. This worked well in that case, but when you want to keep track of over 1000 appointments this wasn’t going to work for them.

How does your business use Simply Schedule Appointments' booking system?

At first, Pole Mountain used the Basic Edition of Simply Schedule Appointments, which is 100% free and worked well. 

When Pole Mountain was presented with the opportunity to host a large-scale clinic, they decided to upgrade to the Plus Edition, which includes the ability to book multiple appointments in the same time slot.

Through Simply Schedule Appointments’ Plus Edition and its ability to book multiple patients into the same time slots, they were able to successfully book 18 appointments, every 15 minutes, for 8 &½ hours—with a cap of 585 total appointments for the day.

On the day of the event, Pole Mountain exported the appointment lists and gave paper copies to volunteers manning the intake tables. The entire clinic went flawlessly with traffic flowing smoothly and consistently throughout the two-day event.

How has your experience been with Simply Schedule Appointments so far?

Kvenild feels confident Pole Mountain would not be able to manage immunizations in-store without Simply Schedule Appointments. “The burden on our staff would be way too great, and our large clinic never would have happened without it,” he says. That’s over 1,200 people that potentially wouldn’t have been immunized had they not been able to schedule the vaccinations they’d been put in charge to distribute to the community.

When asked if Simply Simply Schedule Appointments helped Pole Mountain achieve their goals, Kvenild replied, “[It] absolutely helped us meet our goals. We’re able to manage the high demand for the COVID-19 vaccine, in a way that’s easy to navigate for our staff and our patients. Being able to orderly schedule approximately 600 appointments per day was a major accomplishment for us. We received feedback from everyone involved including patients, volunteers at the vaccination event and personnel running the call center on how smooth and effective Simply Schedule Appointments functioned.”

Kvenild also included that they’d continue to use SSA for their COVID-19 vaccination scheduling. Right now, they are only offering the Moderna vaccine in the store regularly, but if they have the opportunity to add other COVID-19 vaccines, they’ll easily be able to set up separate appointment types and do so. 

In addition, Pole Mountain is considering offering appointment scheduling for other types of vaccines, as it has worked well from a workflow standpoint by keeping vaccination volume more predictable than with walk-ins only. Kvenild concluded, “As social distancing continues to be important, I like being able to better regulate store traffic as well.”

Pole Mountain Pharmacy Instagram Post After Successful Day of Booking

Business Overview

Organization: Pole Mountain Pharmacy

Location: Laramie, Wyoming

Edition: SSA Plus Edition


  • Scheduled and efficiently managed nearly 1,200 appointments within a 48-hour window
  • Allowed the pharmacy’s staff, volunteers, and customers to maintain safe social-distancing

We received feedback from everyone involved ... on how smooth and effective Simply Schedule Appointments functioned.

SSA Highlights

Key Features: Capacity

How Capacity Helped: Allowed the pharmacy to book multiple people for the same time slot. 

Success Story Summary

A quick wrap-up of our interview with Pole Mountain Pharmacy, including the Challenge they faced, how Simply Schedule Appointments was able to help them, and the happily ever after.


As a pharmacy delivering COVID-19 vaccines they needed to find a way to easily manage their communities demand.


Simply Schedule Appointments allowed them to book appointments directly from their WordPress site to handle 600 daily bookings for vaccinations.


They met their booking goals and successfully managed to vaccinate 1200+ people in 2-days. They continue to use SSA for vaccinations to this day!

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