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By using our Translation tool, you’ll be able to import the available translations offered on our WordPress Translation System.

To translate the booking app and admin app, you’ll need to:

  1. Download the Translation Pack
  2. Apply the Translation Pack to your site

Contributing Translations

Our translations are crowd-sourced, meaning that our wonderful customers volunteer to add in these translations.

If you don’t see your language listed or some phrases are missing in your pack, please see our other guide on how you can contribute translations.

Available translations

By default, Simply Schedule Appointments is available in U.S. English. And as of November 2020, we have other translations far enough along to be usable for many cases:

  • Portuguese (Portugal) / Português
  • Portuguese (Brazil) / Português do Brasil
  • Hungarian / Magyar
  • Swedish / Svenska
  • Italian (Italy) / Italiano
  • Russian / Русский
  • Turkish /Türkçe
  • Estonian / Eesti
  • German (Formal) / Deutsch (Sie)
  • German / Deutsch
  • Spanish (Spain) / Español
  • Spanish (Mexico) / Español de México
  • Spanish (Venezuela) / Español de Venezuela
  • French (France) / Français
  • Dutch / Nederlands
  • Dutch (Belgium) / Nederlands (België)
  • Polish / Polski
  • Danish / Dansk

Downloading Translations

To download and install an in-progress language pack, head to SettingsTranslations.

Screen shot of the link to the translations settings page
The translations settings link

On the translation screen, select one of the available translations from the dropdown menu:

Screen shot of the language selection form and submit button in the translations section
Select a language

Then click the Download and install button.

The language pack will be fetched, downloaded, and installed into the correct folder on your WordPress site.

Installed Language Packs

You’ll see the language packs that you’ve downloaded listed at the bottom of the screen:

Screen shot of the list of language packs downloaded and installed
List of language packs that have been installed

Under the name of the language pack, there’s a link to Improve this translation. If you see any missing or incorrect translations, you can use this link to head right to where you can fix them.

Refreshing Language Packs

Since our translations are always being improved by contributors, it’s helpful every now and then to refresh your language pack so that you can make sure you’re using the latest version.

If you’re interested in contributing to our language packs, find more information here.

Using the Translations Pack

Once you’ve got your language pack downloaded and installed, there are five different ways that you can put that to use on your site:

Note: Your notification Subject and Messages don’t auto-translate, you’ll have to re-write them in your preferred language. Help guide: Emails Not Translating with Language Pack

Note x2: If you don’t like the translations included in the pack, please see our guide on Editing Phrases and Labels in Calendar.

Set the Global Language for Your Site

From the WordPress dashboard, head to Settings General and look for the Site Language setting:

Screen shot of the site language setting
Site language setting in general settings

Set the Language for Your User

Each user can select their own language. To change your preferred language for your user, from the WordPress dashboard, head to Users > Your profile and look for the Language setting:

Screen shot of the user language setting
User language setting on a user’s profile page

Use a Multilingual Plugin

If your site should be available in multiple languages, set up a multilingual plugin like WPML or Polylang. These plugins help you with translating a site that uses multiple languages.

Using the SSA Locale Shortcode

The default [ssa_booking] shortcode displays the Booking Calendar in your site’s default language.

However, you can override your site’s default language by using the following shortcode format:

[ssa_booking ssa_locale="languageCodeHere"]

You can see a full list of all the language codes here. The shortcode format uses the text highlighted in yellow underneath each language description:

Language codes highlighted in yellow
Language codes highlighted in yellow

For example, to display your booking calendar in Danish, the shortcode looks like this:

[ssa_booking ssa_locale="da_DK"]

Your language must be in our language pack list, if not you’ll need to contribute translations to your language pack. See our other guide on how you can contribute translation.

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