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An overview of how Admins, Team Members, and Customers can go about changing their booked appointments – such as Canceling, Rescheduling, Editing, and Deleting.

There are currently five different ways that a booked appointment can be changed:

  • Appointment Details Page
  • Notification link
  • Confirmation screen
  • Google Invite
  • Upcoming Appointments module

Team Members also have a detailed look at how to manage their appointments in our Viewing Team Bookings guide.

Appointment Details Page

Applies to:

  • Admin
  • Team Member

To change booked appointments as an Admin or Team Member, go to the SSA Admin Appointments Page > Appointments tab. Here you can see a list of your Upcoming Appointments.

Click on the Appointment you’d like to Cancel or Delete and click the Appointment Details page.

Going to the Appointment Details Page

Inside the Appointment Details

When you click on the Appointment Details page you’ll be able to see different information about the booked appointment.

You can Cancel, Edit, Reschedule or Delete the Appointment using the Menu (three dots) button in the top-right corner.

You can also check the appointment details to make sure you’re changing the correct one:

  • Customer name
  • Appointment Type
  • Appointment Start Time and Date
  • Customer Information Fields
  • Title of Booking Page
  • URL of Booking Page
  • Booking Status
  • Created Date
  • Last Modified Date
Opening the Menu to Cancel or Delete the Appointment

Canceling and Deleting Appointments

Canceling an appointment can trigger the cancellation notifications – if there are any set up in your Notification settings.

Deleting only removes the appointment from your Appointment listing. It won’t trigger any notifications

  • You can only Delete past Appointments
  • You can Cancel or Delete future Appointments

Rescheduling and Editing Appointments

When you choose Edit, you’ll see the booking form and you’re able to edit all the fields.

To reschedule an appointment choose the ‘Edit as Customer’ option in the dropdown. This will open a lightbox that gives you three options: Reschedule, Edit or Cancel.

When you choose to Reschedule, the booking calendar for that appointment type opens and you can choose from any open time slots.

After rescheduling, you’ll see a Canceled appointment for the old-time slot and a new appointment for the new time you chose. This means that you could potentially receive two notifications — one for the cancelation and one for the new booking.

Inside the Group Appointment Details Page

The Group booking feature is included in all of the paid editions using the Capacity feature.

In the Group Appointment Details Page, you can see the Appointment Type and Start Date and Time of the Group Appointment.

The Menu (three dots) in the top-right corner will give you the option to:

  • Export all the attendees
  • Cancel the entire Group appointment – all attendees can get notified, if you have cancellation notifications setup
  • Delete the entire Group appointment – remove the listing from the Appointments page.

You’ll also see a list of attendees listed with their Name, Email, Attendee Details link, and Cancelation link.

Opening the Menu in the Group Appointments Details Page

Notification Link

Applies to:

  • Admin (Manually add)
  • Team Member (Manually add)
  • Customer

The default confirmation email for the customer contains a link to Edit, Cancel, or Reschedule their Appointment. Each link is unique to the booked appointment.

When you click the link, you’ll see a screen that looks very similar to the appointment confirmation screen with three options at the bottom.

  • Edit Information: Returns the customer to the customer information screen to edit their booking form (name, email, etc)
  • Reschedule: Lets the customer to select a new date and time. After picking a new date, the old date and time cancel automatically
  • Cancel Appointment: Lets the customer cancel the appointment
Clicking on the edit, cancel, or reschedule link in the notification

Notification link for admins and team members

An Admin or team member could also add this link to their own confirmation emails by adding in the Twig Code Template to their notification:

{{ Appointment.public_edit_url }}

Confirmation Screen

Applies to:

  • Customer

When a customer gets to the booking confirmation screen, they can immediately Edit, Reschedule, or Cancel.

They’ll see four options available at the bottom of the confirmation screen:

  • Edit Information: Returns the customer to the customer information screen to edit their booking form (name, email, etc)
  • Reschedule: Lets the customer select a new date and time. After picking a new date, the plugin cancels the old date and time automatically
  • Cancel Appointment: Lets the customer cancel the appointment
  • Schedule a New Appointment: Takes the customer back to the initial screen to book an entirely new appointment
booked appointments confirmation
Changing Booked Appointments not the Confirmation Screen

Google Invite

Applies to:

  • Admin
  • Customer
  • Team Member

If you have the Google Invites feature turned on, the admin, customer, and team members will have access to the link to Edit, Cancel, or Reschedule from the appointment’s Google Calendar Event.

The Google Calendar Event shows the link under, “Need to make changes to this event?“.

Google Calendar Event generated from appointment

Upcoming Appointments Module

Applies to:

  • Customer

If your customers have an account on your website, you can also embed the Upcoming Appointments module into their profile page. This will list out their booked appointments and allow them to edit each one individually.

This is for customers only, this is not a way for admins or team members to see their booked appointments through the front-end.

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