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Feature Release Timeline

Manage Schedule for Multiple Staff

You’ll get our newest released Team Booking features right away, and a lot more to come soon!

April 2022



In Progress:

  • Re-Designed Booking App
  • Webex Integration

July 2022

  • Team Booking: Admin Assigned Bookings
  • Resource Scheduling

October 2022

  • Zoom for Team
  • Team Booking: Customer Assigned Bookings
  • Custom Booking Confirmation Page

January 2023

  • Business Edition Onboarding Wizard

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Zoom for Teams

Have each team member connect their personal Zoom accounts.

Run multiple Zoom calls at the same time between your employees and help customers get the right link for their bookings. 
Editions: Business

Resource Scheduling

Resources are meant to represent objects that you'd like to tie to appointments.

Resources can be things like meeting rooms, projectors, bicycles, computers. Pretty much a way to keep track of your inventory and automatically open time slots depending on whether there are enough resources at the time.

Editions: Business

Team Booking: Customer Assigned Bookings

Have your customers choose the team member they want to book with.

Editions: Business

Custom Booking Confirmation Pages

Create custom confirmation pages to redirect your customers to after booking.

Use this to add in extra information, a map with your location, another form, the possibilities are endless!
Editions: All

Re-Designed Booking App

We want to give the customer-facing app a new look — both on the screen and behind the scenes

We're rebuilding our booking app from scratch. This will allow us to create more features such as Customer-Assigned Booking Screens for Team Members and Custom Confirmation Pages.

Editions: All

Team Booking: Admin Assigned Bookings

The Admin can choose to re-assign bookings between employees.

Use this to override the random assignment of bookings.

Editions: Business

Development Updates

We’re always working hard to make Simply Schedule Appointments better. Follow our development updates to get the news on all the latest updates and features.

Integration: WP Fusion Blog

Integration: WP Fusion

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Google Event Customization

Google Calendar: Event Customization

The long-awaited customization has arrived… to a beta near you! Your Google Calendar Events can be tailored to your liking, and on top of that,

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