This guide applies to:

  • Basic Edition
  • Plus Edition
  • Pro Edition
  • Business Edition

What You Might Be Seeing

The Language Packs included in the plugin will translate your Booking Calendar and the Admin page. The email notifications are left untranslated because they will send out anything that’s saved in the Message and Subject fields.  

You’ll need to manually translate and change the Subject and Message fields into your language. 

Quickly Translate Using Google Translate

Go to your Notifications, you’ll need to update each one of them individually. Pick one of them to start with and copy everything in the Message box

Now, go to Google Translate and Paste the entire section you just copied

Copy your translated Message and Paste it back into the SSA Message box. Repeat this for the Subject. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure that all the Twig Code Templates surrounded by {{ }} stay in English – notice how in my translation above {% endif %} turned into {% terminara si %}  

If you don’t check this, you’ll end up with Twig Errors. 

How to Avoid Errors in Your Emails

This is what a Twig Error looks like here, if you see this, look at my Important Note above: 

Check to make sure that you’re Message looks correct using the eye icon on the top-right corner.  

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