This guide applies to:

  • Basic Edition
  • Plus Edition
  • Pro Edition
  • Business Edition

Sometimes, you’ll need to edit information for more than one appointment type at a time. For example, say you changed your business hours to close early on Friday or maybe you’ve decided to open on Saturday mornings. We provide a handy way for you edit multiple appointment types at the same time. Bulk editing is available in all editions of Simply Schedule Appointments.

Select the appointment types

Go to the Appointment Types tab in Simply Schedule Appointments.

Appointment Types tab in Simply Schedule Appointments

Bulk editing is a bit of a power-user feature, so it’s hidden in plain sight. Each appointment type has a small bookmark icon in front of it. If you hover your mouse over this bookmark, you’ll see it changes to a checkbox:

A checkbox replaces the bookmark icon when hovered with the mouse.

On touch screens, just tap the bookmark icon in front of an appointment type to toggle it to a checkbox that can be checked.

Check the checkbox in front of at least two appointment types, and you’ll automatically enter Bulk editing mode. You’ll see the header replaced by a count of how many appointment types are selected, and you’ll see a Bulk Edit menu appear at the top right.

Title shows how many appointment types have been selected, and a Bulk Edit menu is visible on the right.

Select the information you’d like to edit

After selecting the appointment types to edit, click the Bulk Edit menu at the top right and select which section of information you’d like to edit. The options available here will depend on which edition of Simply Schedule Appointments you’re using and on which modules you’ve enabled.

Select which section you’d like to bulk edit

Bulk edit screen

On the bulk edit screen, you’ll see a toggle labeled Edit selected appointment types individually at the top right. If this toggle is off, you’ll edit all the selected appointment types at the same time, and apply the exact same settings to all.

Screenshot showing appointment time increments
Appointment availability increments

If the toggle is on, you’ll see each of your individual appointment types listed in an accordion. Open the panel for each one to quickly edit availability for each one separately. In this mode, you can set different settings for each appointment type, but still have the handiness of switching between appointment types quickly.

Bulk editing of availability for individual appointment types. Allows you to set different availability for each appointment type.