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You can reach the Admin Appointments Page by going to the WordPress Dashboard > Appointments.

Opening the Admin Appointments Page through the WordPress Admin

Tabs Overview in the Admin Appointments Page

This is where you can manage all your Appointments, make changes to the Booking Calendar and contact support with one-click.

🦊 Appointments Tab

Inside the Appointments tab, you can view all your upcoming and past appointments.

You could also filter through the appointments to view a specific set of bookings.

The +Book An Appointment button helps you quickly book an appointment in our default booking page.

Also, you can export all the appointments in the view using the Export button.

Appointments Tab Overview

🦊 Appointment Types Tab

The Appointment Type tab helps you manage your Booking Calendar, Availability and Booking Form.

Use the +Add New button to create a new Booking Calendar. Or, click into the existing Appointment Types to update their settings.

Each Appointment Type has a cog on the right-side to help you edit, clone or delete that Booking Calendar.

And lastly, use the Reorder button to organize by dragging and dropping elements in your Appointment Type list. The way they’re ordered is how they’re displayed to your visitors with the [ssa_booking] shortcode.

Appointment Types Tab Overview

🦊 Settings Tab

The Settings tab helps you:

As well as Manage Your License to make sure you’re using the most updated version of the plugin!

Settings Tab Overview

🦊 Support Tab

Inside the support tab you can use the Contact Support Team button to send our support team a message. Feel free to reach out anytime you need help or have a question.

Support Tab Overview

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