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If you’re having a problem with Simply Schedule Appointments, head to the Support tab. You’ll see a quick list of diagnostic information that can help point the way to a solution.

Screen shot of the support tab showing the contact support team button
Helpful support information and a contact button

With software development, bugs and issues are just a fact of life. No matter how much we test and check, we can’t predict every possible plugin and theme configuration.

But using our one click support can make it easier to get issues handled. If you find that the button isn’t working, please let us know by asking us a question or getting support from your account.

Get More Help

Click the Contact Support Team button, if you can’t find anything off in the support tab information.

A new message to us will open up where you can tell us about the issue you’re having. Your message will automatically include important information about your setup and browser that will help us solve your problem faster.

Sending us details to recreate the issue is best 🙂

Optionally, Send More Information

We’ve included an optional checkbox where you can send us even more information. This will send us some general Simply Schedule Appointments settings which can help us fix the issue quicker.

Screen shot of the contact support team message
Check the box to send information about your appointment types and settings

You’ll Never Send Appointments and Customer Data

This won’t send us any private information about your customers or appointments.

Just the stuff that will help us sort out your issue as quickly as possible. For example, appointment duration, before/after buffer time, availability & timezone settings, etc.

Debug Logs

At the very bottom of the Support tab, there’s a Debugger tool. This is to help us find issues in your plugin and WordPress install.

If you’re having issues, go ahead and enable both of the debug logs. You can continue trying to test your plugin and calendar on your site. When you come back you may see some errors appear.

Including those in your message to us would be helpful for us to see. If there’s a bug that we need to take a look at, we can go to the logs to look for clues.

Still stuck?

File a support ticket with our five-star support team to get more help.

File a ticket

  • Please provide any information that will be helpful in helping you get your issue fixed. What have you tried already? What results did you expect? What did you get instead?
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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