We’ve done our best to build a really solid product, but with software development, bugs and issues are just a fact of life. No matter how much we test and check, we just can’t predict every possible use case, hosting setup, or potential conflicts with other plugins and themes.

Helpful support information

If you’re having a problem with Simply Schedule Appointments, head to the Support tab. You’ll see a quick list of diagnostic information that can help point the way to a solution.

Screen shot of the support tab showing the contact support team button
Helpful support information and a contact button

Get more help

If you don’t see anything listed on the support tab that helps you figure things out, click the Contact Support Team button. A new message to us will open up where you can tell us about the issue you’re having – your message will automatically include important information about your setup and browser that will help us solve your problem faster.

Optionally, send us more information

Dealing with availability and timezones is tricky, so getting this information up front can save dozens of back and forth messages trying to clarify what’s going on.

We’ve included an optional checkbox where you can send us even more information about your appointment types and some general Simply Schedule Appointments settings which can help us get to the issue even more quickly.

Screen shot of the contact support team message
Check the box to send information about your appointment types and settings

Your appointments and customer data are never sent

No private information is sent our way, and no information about your customers or appointments is sent either. Just the stuff that will help us sort out your issue as quickly as possible (appointment duration, before/after buffer time, availability & timezone settings, etc.)

We hope that this will reduce frustration and speed up our support process, making it easier and quicker for us to get your issue sorted out and you up and running in as short a time as possible. Our plugin was designed to save you time and make life easier, after all, so we thought our support should, too.