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This guide applies to:

  • Basic Edition
  • Plus Edition
  • Pro Edition
  • Business Edition


When your plugin isn’t able to update, you may have to renew your subscription or reset the License Key.

What You’re Seeing

Plugin update errors like this one: ‘An error occurred while updating Simply Schedule Appointments: Update package not available.’

Expired License Subscription

The initial purchase of one of the premium editions (such as Plus, Professional, or Business) gives you all the newest updates and support for one year. This automatically renews each year, unless you request to end the subscription.

If the subscription ends, the License Key given to you at purchase will also expire and will stop you from getting new updates to the plugin.

The plugin will continue to work even with no subscription or license. We don’t disable any your functionality, the only thing that stops is the ability to get new bug fixes and new features.

Login to your account and see if your license is still active.

Reset Your License Key

To troubleshoot your license, go to the Simply Schedule Appointments Admin page. Go to Settings, and click the Manage License option.

Manage license

To reset the license key – Delete the license key (if it’s already there), and click the Validate button. Now you can re-enter the license key, and click Validate again.

Where to get your License Key:

Still stuck?

File a support ticket with our five-star support team to get more help.

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