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Viewing bookings on the SSA Appointments tab is easy using the Search, Views, and Filters.

Use our Changing Booked Appointments guide to learn more about how SSA handles cancellations and rescheduling.

Appointments Tab

The Appointments tab is the main listing of all your bookings. This is the where you will be able to view more information about each user’s scheduled appointment.

Viewing Bookings as the Administrator on Your Website

A website administrator can view the list of bookings by selecting Appointments > Appointments from the left-side menu in the WordPress dashboard.

Accessing the Appointments Tab in the WordPress Dashboard
WordPress Dashboard > Appointments Tab to access the SSA plugin page

Other Ways to View Bookings

Aside from the plugin dashboard, we offer a few different ways for admins, customers, and team members to view their bookings.

Visit our guide on Displaying Booked Appointments to learn more.

Searching Appointments

Use the Search bar to narrow the appointments list quickly based on the user’s booking information. Search is available for all of the following bits of info:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Customer Information Fields (both the free Basic edition fields and the custom fields available in the Premium editions) such as single or multi-line text, radio buttons, and checkboxes.
  • Resources

The Search feature is not case-sensitive, but it does take spaces into account.

The appointment day and time are not searchable. To help you find appointments based on their start time, use the Date Range View and Filters.

Searching appointments using keywords found within their entered customer information.

Switching Views from Upcoming or Past Appointments

To switch between the Upcoming and Past Appointment views, click on the Upcoming Appointments header. Choose the view you’d like to see from the drop-down menu:

  • Upcoming Appointments: All Today and future appointments
  • Past Appointments: All Past Appointments
  • Date Range: Choose a Start and End Date to view appointments inside that range

All views are displayed in chronological order based on the start time of the appointment.

Views' dropdown menu expanded in the Appointments tab
Views’ dropdown menu

No Upcoming Appointments

If there are no upcoming appointments, the Appointment Tab displays, “There are no upcoming appointments scheduled”.

Appointments tab when there are no upcoming appointments
Appointments tab when there are no upcoming appointments

Viewing Bookings with Filters

To use the Filters on the Date Range, Past, or Upcoming Appointment Views, select the Filter option on the top-right corner.

Filter option highlighted in the Appointments Tab
Filter option highlighted in the Appointments Tab

There will be two fields – one to choose Appointment Types and one to choose Appointment Status.

  • Appointment Types: Choose none or more (if none is selected, then it will include all of the appointments)
  • Appointment Status: Choose one or more
    • Booked
    • Canceled
    • Pending Payment
    • Pending Form Submission
    • Abandoned

The filters apply automatically, if you’d like to remove the filters, select Reset Filters.

Reset Filters to their default settings using the Reset Filter option in the Filter editor for the Appointments tab
Reset Filters to their default settings

Date Range Filters

The Date Range view also includes two more fields to filter your appointments: Start Date and End Date.

You could use both Date fields to create a range between two dates. For example, I can get all the appointments between July 1st, 12 AM, and July 4th, 12 AM.

Or, you could use a single one of the Date fields.

  • Only Use Start Date: Get all appointments beginning at this date
  • Only Use End Date: Get all appointments up to this date

Canceled and Abandoned Appointments

Canceled and abandoned appointments still appear on the list. But, their title changes to add the Canceled note, and their listing is faded.

Canceled appointment listing shown with the Canceled tag and faded entry box in the Appointments tab
Canceled appointment listing is shown with the Canceled tag and faded entry box.

Load More Appointments

If you have more bookings that don’t appear on the page, to continue viewing appointments on the list, select Load More Appointments at the end of the list.

It should glow green when there’s more to load and fade to grey when there is no more to load.

Load More Appointments button glowing green to indicate more unloaded appointments in the Appointments tab
Load More Appointments button glowing green to indicate more unloaded appointments.

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