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Viewing bookings in the SSA Appointments page is easy using the Views and Filters.

Use our Changing Booked Appointments guide to find out more on how SSA handles cancellations and rescheduling.

Viewing Bookings as the Administrator

A website administrator can view the list of bookings by selecting Appointments > Appointments from the left-side menu in the WordPress dashboard.

Or, selecting Appointments from the left-side menu in the WordPress dashboard to take you straight to the Admin page of the plugin.

Appointments in the Appointment Menu

Viewing Bookings as a Customer/User

To let your logged-in users view a list of their booked appointments use our Upcoming Appointments module on a page or post.

Or, use the shortcode:


Switching Views from Upcoming or Past Appointments

To switch between the Upcoming and Past Appointment views, click on the the Upcoming Appointments header.

  • Upcoming Appointments: All Today and future appointments
  • Past Appointments: All Past Appointments
  • Date Range: Choose a Start and End Date to view appointments inside that range

Note: All views display in chronological order based on the start time of the appointment.

Choose the view you’d like to see from the drop-down menu.

If there are no upcoming appointments, this message displays:

no appointments booked will show you this message

Viewing Bookings with Filters

To use the Filters on the Date Range, Past or Upcoming Appointment Views, select the Filter option on the top-right corner.

There will be two fields – one to choose Appointment Types and one to choose the Appointment Status. The filters apply automatically, if you’d like to remove the filters select Reset Filters.

  • Appointment Types: Choose none or more (if none selected, then it will include all of the appointments)
  • Appointment Status: Choose one or more
    • Booked
    • Canceled
    • Pending Payment
    • Pending Form Submission
    • Abandoned

Date Range Filters

The Date Range view also includes two more fields to filter your appointments: Start Date and End Date.

You could use both of the Date fields to create a range between two dates. For example, I can get all the appointments between July 1 12AM to July 4 12AM.

Or, you could just use one of the Date fields.

  • Only Use Start Date: Get all appointments beginning at this date
  • Only Use End Date: Get all appointments up to this date

Canceled Appointments

Canceled appointments still appear in the list. But, their title changes to add the Canceled note and their box has a fade:

cancelled appointment looks faded

Load More Appointments

If you have more bookings that don’t appear on the page, to continue viewing older appointments select Load More Appointments at the end of the list.

It should glow green when there’s more to load and fade to grey when there is no more to load.

load more appointments glows green when there's more to load

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