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Before setting up payments in your Appointment Types, make sure to set up either the Stripe and/or PayPal integration(s) first.

This guide will walk you through adding the payment amount to each Appointment Type, and how that’ll look on your Booking Calendar.

Editing Appointment Types to Accept Payments

With Stripe and/or PayPal setup, you’ll see a new section called Payments inside each Appointment Type:

Screenshot depicting the Payments settings in the appointment type.
Payments settings for an appointment type

Select a Payment Setting

You can choose to have Payments be a requirement, or optional for booking that Appointment Type.

If you mark the payment as required, customers will have to make a successful payment to book their appointment.

For optional payments, customers can choose to pay later (likely in person at the time of the appointment) and will be able to book the appointment without paying.

Screen shot of the options for payment on an appointment type
Select required, optional, or no payment for your appointment type

Set a Price for Your Appointment Type

Next, set the price of the appointment and the currency. By default, the currency is set to the US dollar (USD).

You can change the default currency inside Settings > Payments.

Screen shot of the price settings for an appointment type
Set the price and currency for the appointment type

Refund policy

Enter a refund policy; this note shows in the booking form and the default notifications.

Simply Schedule Appointments does not enforce the refund policy for you. This is informational for your customers so they’re aware of how you’ll handle refunds if they cancel or are a no-show for their appointment.

Payment Methods

This lists the payment methods that you’ve set up. You could include both PayPal and Stripe or choose your preferred method.

Booking Appointments with Payments

The price you set in the Appointment Type is visible on every screen of the Booking Calendar.

Prices are shown on every screen of the booking process

And, all the payment information is also visible at the bottom of the booking form, including the price, payment options, and refund policy.

Screen shot of the booking form showing payment options
Optional payment – customer can pay later

Stripe Payment Process

If the customer chooses to pay through Stripe a payment modal will popup. The modal includes:

  • Appointment Type Name, Time, and Date info
  • Fields to enter the
    • Credit card number
    • Expiration date
    • CVC
    • Country
    • Zip
  • Book/Pay button

A successful payment will show a green checkmark and take the customer to the confirmation screen. If the payment fails for any reason, the customer can edit the credit card info or try a different credit card.

The payment flow may differ depending on the user’s browser and location. Our Stripe integration is SCA-compliant, meaning that Stripe will detect whether authentication is required for European customers.

Screen shot of the stripe payment modal
The Stripe Payment Modal

PayPal Payment Process

If the customer chooses to pay through PayPal, they redirect to the PayPal portal after clicking the Confirm and Pay button.

We hold the appointment for 10 minutes to give them time to finish logging in and confirming their payment.

Once the payment is complete, they return to the confirmation screen.

Being redirected to PayPal after pressing Confirm and Pay

Pending Payment Status with PayPal

When a user pays through PayPal, SSA does not immediately know if the payment is successful because PayPal redirects the user to the Checkout Page. Every appointment that uses PayPal Checkout is initially marked as Pending Payment.

While SSA is waiting to hear back from PayPal, SSA will start a timer. If the plugin doesn’t hear back from PayPal in 7 days, the appointment is marked as Abandoned.

But, if PayPal lets SSA know the payment is complete and it was successful, SSA will mark the appointment as Booked.

Learn more about the Booking Status.

Managing Payments

Visit our other guide on how to Manage Payments for Bookings to learn more about how an admin will see payment information in the appointment details page and how to best handle refunds.

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