This guide applies to:

  • Basic Edition
  • Plus Edition
  • Pro Edition
  • Business Edition

For instructions on getting Stripe configured and set up, see our article on Setting up Stripe. You’ll need to do that first before proceeding with adding payments to appointment types.

Edit an appointment type

With Stripe enabled and your API keys from Stripe saved, you can now edit any of your appointment types. You’ll see a new section called Payments:

Screen shot of the payment settings for an appointment type
Payments settings for an appointment type

Select a payment setting

In the first section, you can decide whether you’ll require payment at the time of booking. If you mark the payment as required, then customers must provide a valid payment in order to book their appointment. For optional payments, customers can elect to pay later (likely in person at the time of the appointment) and will be able to book the appointment without paying.

Screen shot of the options for payment on an appointment type
Select required, optional, or no payment for your appointment type

Set a price for your appointment type

Then you can set the price of the appointment and set the currency if it’s different from the default currency you set in the Payments settings.

Screen shot of the price settings for an appointment type
Set the price and currency for the appointment type

Refund policy

And lastly, you can enter a refund policy. Please note that Simply Schedule Appointments does not enforce the refund policy for you. This is informational for your customers so they’re aware of how you’ll handle refunds if they cancel or are a no-show for their appointment.

Screen shot of the refund policy field
Enter a refund policy (optional)

Save the appointment type, and that’s all there is to getting set up to accept payments while booking appointments.  Next, let’s look at Booking Appointments with Payments.