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A quick overview of how you and your clients can book appointments on the booking calendar. The process includes the following:

  • Pick an Appointment Type
  • Choosing a Date, then a Time
  • Filling out the Booking Form
  • Confirmations

Try Out Our Booking Calendar First

Here is a quick demo of our booking calendar process that customers will see when you add it to your site. For more information on displaying a specific calendar on your site, please visit our guide on displaying the booking calendar here.

If you schedule an appointment with our demo above, you will receive a confirmation email.

Where You Can Book

The customer can book wherever you’ve embedded the booking calendar on your site. Follow this guide if you still need to Display the Booking Calendar on your Site.

Admins can quickly book directly from the SSA Admin page. Just go to the Appointments tab > click + Book An Appointment. That should open a lightbox with all the appointment types listed.

Screenshot depicting where to book appointments, via Appointments tab or the + Book an Appointment button.
The +Book An Appointment button in the Appointments tab

Pick an Appointment Type

Select which type of appointment you’d like to book. The options available here are based on the appointment types that you’ve added.

The order these appear in depends on how you’ve ordered them in the Admin Appointment Types Page, use the Reorder button to choose their order.

Screen shot of appointment types that can be selected
Choose an appointment type

Choose a Resources

After you’ve selected the Appointment Type, and if the resource booking preference is set to “User Preference”, you’ll be able to select the resources you’ll need for this appointment type.

Find more information on how this setting works in our Resource guide.

Choosing a resource and selecting a stationary bike.
Selecting a Resource

Choose a Date and Time

After you’ve selected the Resources, you’ll be able to select the date and time that work best for you.

Dates that are unavailable will appear as disabled or ‘greyed-out’, while times that can’t be booked won’t even be displayed.

Date and Time can be displayed in several ways, depending on your preference.

  • Dates can be displayed as either a weekly view or a monthly view.
  • Time slots will split up depending on what timeframe they fall under, e.g. morning, afternoon, evening, and night.
  • Dates and time slots can be displayed in different sequences, such as Express, Expanded, and First Available. You can find more details about this in the Booking Flow link below.

You can use the Booking Flow feature to customize the sequence of Views or screens of the Date and Time options in the booking form.

Select a date and time for your appointment
Express booking flow, using the monthly view, and time of day view.

Complete the Customer Information Form

Asterisks mark the Required fields. For functionality purposes, we always require the Name and Email Address field when booking appointments.

Basic/Free Edition users can select from a list of pre-determined fields (phone number, address, city, state, postal code, notes).

Premium/Paid Edition users can set their own custom fields here, including checkboxes and radio buttons.

After filling it out, click the Book this appointment button.

Screen shot of a customer information entry screen for booking your appointment
Complete the customer information screen


After submitting the booking form, you’ll see a confirmation page with all your information.

You have the option to save the appointment to your calendar, either to Google Calendar or to download an .ics file.

You also have the option to edit the customer information, reschedule the appointment, cancel the appointment, or schedule a new appointment.

By default, the customer and the appointment admin will receive confirmation emails with the appointment details, but the notification settings are customizable.

Screen shot of an appointment booking confirmation screen
Your appointment is confirmed

The SAVE TO CALENDAR button will not appear on the confirmation page if you’re using the Google Calendar integration and have enabled the option to invite customers to the event in the Appointment Type settings.

You can also specify a custom confirmation page.

Still stuck?

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