Display a booking form

Once your appointment types are set up, you’ll want to add a booking form to your site so that your customers can begin booking appointments. Here are your options for displaying a booking form on your site:


A booking form can be embedded in any post or page using our [ssa_booking] shortcode. This shortcode can be used with the classic WordPress editor, with Gutenberg, and with a variety of page builder tools such as Elementor, Beaver Builder, Divi, and Visual Composer.

By default, the [ssa_booking] shortcode displays a list of available appointment types (if you have more than one) for your customers to select from. If you’d like to limit the booking form to one appointment type, just add an attribute with the appointment type, like this: [ssa_booking type=on-site-meeting]

If you’re not sure what the proper shortcode for an appointment type is, just go into your Simply Schedule Appointments settings, go to the list of appointment types, and edit the selected appointment type. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see the correct shortcode for displaying this appointment type and can even click to copy that to your clipboard:

Screen shot of the booking short code

Copy the shortcode and place it any page or post to display a booking form for this appointment type

Gutenberg block

If you’re using the Gutenberg editor, we provide a booking from Gutenberg blog that can be added to any post or page to display a booking form:

Screen shot of the Appointment Booking Form block in Gutenberg

Appointment Booking Form block

After you’ve added the block to your post or page, you can edit the settings for the block to display all appointment types, or just one selected appointment type.

Screenshot of the block settings for the appointment booking form block

Appointment Type selection for the appointment booking form block

Beaver Builder module

If you’re a user of Beaver Builder, you’ll find a module for displaying a booking form in the list of available modules.

Screen shot of the booking module in Beaver Builder

Booking form module in Beaver Builder

Just drag and drop the Booking module onto your page. In the module settings,  you can allow the booking form to display all of your appointment types, or you can select one type:

Screen shot of the Beaver Builder booking module settings

Select one or all appointment types in the module settings

Default booking page

In addition to these options for displaying a form on your site, we also provide a default booking page, which is created automatically when you install and activate our plugin. This page includes only our booking form – it does not include the usual header, footer, and/or sidebar for your site. This page also does not have any links back to any other page of your site.

You do not need to use this default booking page. It’s provided as an option for cases where a theme or layout is too complex to otherwise accommodate the booking form. It’s also a quick way for the site administrator to be able to book appointments without distraction.