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If you have both Simply Schedule Appointments and the WordPress Block Editor installed, when you’re editing a page with the WordPress Block Editor, you’ll see two modules to choose from under the Widgets header: Appointment Booking Form and Upcoming Appointments.

Just click on the module you want to add to your page:


What You Need First

To use Simply Schedule Appointments with the WordPress Block Editor, first go through The Setup Wizard in SSA.

Embed Booking Calendar Using the Appointment Booking Form Module

The Block Editor embeds your Booking Calendar in your site to let your visitors book an appointment. Under the Block header on the right side of the screen, there’s a couple other settings:

Appointment Type Setting

You can choose to show All Appointment Types, or filter to only display a single Appointment Type Calendar:


Color Styling Settings

Under the Colors tab, you can adjust the Accent Color and Background Color:

Other Settings

You can also modify the Padding of the form and add your own CSS classes under the Advanced tab.

Using the Upcoming Appointments Module

This module will show the logged-in user any appointments they’ve booked.

By default, if the user has no upcoming appointments, the text shows “No upcoming appointments”. The Message field inside the Block tab on the right side menu lets you customize the text.


You can also add your own CSS classes by clicking on the Advanced heading:

Click on the blue Publish button in the top right corner to save your changes.

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