This guide applies to:

  • Basic Edition
  • Plus Edition
  • Pro Edition
  • Business Edition

If you need help getting Stripe or PayPal payments set up, please see our articles on setting up Stripe or setting up PayPal. For information on adding payments to appointment types, see our article on payments for appointment types. For information on the booking process with payments, see our article on booking appointments with payments.

Appointment details

To view the payment details for a booked appointment, click an appointment to option the appointment options, then click the View appointment details link.

Screen shot of an appointment showing the show details button
Click view appointment details to view more information

Payment Information

For appointments where a payment was received, you’ll see the Payment Information section at the bottom of the screen with all the details of the payment and the payment status.

Successful Payment

Screen shot of a successful payment
A successful payment will show a succeeded message along with details on the appointment date, credit card details, and the Stripe transaction ID

Failed Payment

Screen shot of a failed payment
A failed payment will show the Failed status along with the Stripe transaction ID and credit card details.

Pending Appointments

If a customer fails to complete the booking process, their appointment time is held for 20 minutes and you’ll find the appointment listed under Pending Appointments.

Screen shot of the option to show pending appointments
Click the Upcoming Appointments header to select Pending appointments as the view.

If you click through to view the appointment details, you’ll see the payment status listed as pending_payment.

Screen shot of the payment details for a pending appointment
Payment was not completed and the appointment was not booked