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An overview of how to manage payments made for booked appointments through PayPal or Stripe, view whether they’ve been successful, and learn how to make refunds.

For information on adding payments to appointment types, please take a look at our article on payments for appointment types.

Viewing Payment Information

To view the payment details for a booked appointment, click an Appointment > click the View appointment details link.

The Appointment Details page displays a Payment Information section at the bottom of the screen. The details included in the list are:

  • Payment ID
  • Date and time of payment
  • Card information
  • and status bubble
Opening the appointment details page to help manage payments

Successful Payments

When a payment goes through, a green Succeeded bubble appears in the Payment Information. This also confirms the booking.

Screen shot of a successful payment
A successful payment will show a succeeded message along with details on the appointment date, credit card details, and the Stripe transaction ID

Failed Payments

Connection errors, processing issues, insufficient funds, declined cards, security reasons, or restricted accounts can all cause failed payments.

When payment doesn’t go through, an orange Failed bubble appears in the Payment Information. This tells us the booking has Failed.

Screen shot of a failed payment
A failed payment will show the Failed status along with the Stripe transaction ID and credit card details.
Screenshot depicting that things are taking longer than expected with PayPal.
Processing payment error

Pending Payments

Bookings can enter a pending state where the time slot is still reserved but not quite fully booked. A pending payment occurs when:

  • The plugin is waiting for payment confirmation from Stripe or PayPal – sometimes, the payment process takes longer than usual
  • A customer is still filling in their payment details
  • The customer has abandoned the payment process

This time can be specified by adjusting the pending_payment status duration.

Screenshot depicting a pending payment for PayPal when managing payments.
Pending Status for a payment processing issue.

You’ll find the appointments with the Pending Status using the Pending Payment or Pending Form Submission filter.

After the hold passes, the pending appointments enter the Abandoned state.

Screenshot depicting the various booking statuses that can be used in the Filter when you need to manage payments.
Click the Filters button to view the Pending appointments.

If you click to view the appointment details page, you’ll see the payment status listed as pending_payment.

Screen shot of the payment details for a pending appointment
The payment was not completed yet, and the appointment was not yet booked.

Marking as Booked or Abandoned

When you select a listing with the Pending Payment status, you will see that you can mark the appointment as Booked or Abandoned.

Selecting either option will prompt you with a small popup to confirm the action:

  • Using the Mark as Abandoned to abandon the appointment
  • Or use the Mark as Booked option to allow the appointment to enter the Booked status.

However, please be aware that this booking is still waiting on payment confirmation. You are responsible for tracking the payment if you override the Pending payment status.

Learn more about Booking Status for Payments and how to manage pending bookings.

Canceling and Refunds for Paid Appointments

Canceled appointments don’t automatically issue refunds to customers. You’ll have to issue the refund for the customer manually.

Stripe Refunds

From the Home screen, go to the Payments tab, and select the payment you’d like to refund.

This should re-direct you to the transaction details page on Stripe. You can find the refund button in the top-right corner. You can either refund in full or choose the amount.

Refunds take 5-10 days to appear in the customer’s account.

Issuing a Refund using Stripe

PayPal Refunds

Go to the Appointment Details page, and under the Payment Information section, copy the payment ID. From here you’ll need to go to your PayPal account.

In your Activity tab, under All Transactions, search for the transaction using the payment ID. Open up the transaction details, and you’ll find the refund button in the Payment Details section.

An issue refund page should load where you can choose how much you want to refund.

Issuing a Refund using PayPal

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