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In this guide, we’re going to cover what the booking process looks like when Team Members are involved. And how viewing team bookings look like to admins and team members.

To learn more about how to fully set up the Team feature: Setup Team Booking.

Booking Team Members

Last Updated: January 3rd, 2020

At the time of being written, bookings are randomly assigned to team members associated with that specific appointment type.

So, if you have multiple Team members selected under the appointment type’ settings. One of the selected Team Members will be given the new booking we make.

On the booking calendar itself, we won’t see any sign of who will be assigned the appointment. The customer nor the admin have a choice in who gets the appointment (yet!).

So, the booking calendar continues to work as before.

Viewing Team Bookings and Settings

There are two potential ways to view bookings. This will be different for admins and team members with the ‘Team Member’ role in WordPress.

Admin UserTeam Member User
View all the Team Member’ (and non-team) appointments Only view their assigned appointments
Edit Appointment Type SettingsCannot edit Appointment Type Settings
Manage all the Blackout DatesOnly manage their own Blackout Dates
Add, Delete, Edit Team Members and their permissions or custom availabilityOnly edit their own settings with admin permission
Access to all SSA Settings (MailChimp, Payments, Notifications, etc.)No access to SSA settings
Allow Team Members to connect their Google CalendarConnect to Google Calendar with Admin permission.

Admin View of SSA

For an admin, they’ll be able to see which appointments are assigned to team members using the new Team Member Filter option in the Appointments tab.

Notice how each appointment listing has a team member associated with it. For example, “Phone Consultation Call with Foxy“.

Team Member Access

The Team Member role is a special role we’ve created so that you can give WordPress users permission to see their appointments and customize their settings.

The Team Member role can be given to existing users or added to new users your create.

Adding the Team Member role

To add the Team Member role to existing users, go to Users > Click on a user > Under the Roles section check the Team Member box.

Logging In as a Team Member

By default, the Team Member role only has access to the SSA Appointments page. Though, the permissions for the role are customizable using the Members plugin.

Remember, only Team Members registered as WordPress users can log in. The login screen will be the same one the admins use to login to manage the site. Usually, this page looks like this:

Team Members who aren’t registered as WordPress users cannot log in and will need to be fully managed by the admin.

Team Member View of SSA

By default, the only two tabs that a Team Member has access to is 1) their Profile and 2) SSA Appointments.

Within the SSA Appointments page they will also have a limited view of the tabs.

Appointments Tab

Under the appointments tab, the team member will only be able to see the bookings assigned to them. The have all the regular functions and features that an admin does to filter and view their bookings.

My Profile Tab

Under the My Profile tab, you’ll see different tabs and settings depending on what permissions the admin has granted this user.

  • Contact: Here is where the team member can see which Display Name, Email, and Phone number is being associated with their SSA account.
    • They have an Edit User Profile button that takes them to the WordPress profile page.
  • Availability (Admin-Editable): Here the team member can see:
    • Appointment Types: What appointment types they’ve been assigned
    • Blackout Dates: A ‘View and Edit Blackout Dates’ button that takes them to a page where they can make changes.
    • Working Hours: The option to change between default and custom working hours and the ability to edit custom hours.
  • Google Calendar Sync: Here the team member can sync their personal Google Account to SSA.
    • Choose which calendars to check for conflicts.

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