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Whenever customers book on an Appointment Type synced with Google Calendar, they’re automatically invited to that event.

They receive a notification and automatically have the event added to their Google Calendar (or can add the .ics file to another calendar).

Before you get started, make sure you set up Google Calendar sync.

Turn on Google Invites for an Appointment Type

Go to the Appointment Type that has Google Calendar sync enabled. Under the Google Calendar tab and the Sync appointments with this calendar section, you should see a toggle called Invite the customer to the event?.

Turn the toggle on, so that SSA can add the customer as an invitee to each Google Calendar event it creates for bookings.

Turning on Google Calendar Invites in the Appointment Type Settings
Turning on Google Calendar Invites in the Appointment Type Settings

How Google Invites Works

With Google Invites, you can add anyone with an email address to your event, even if they don’t use or have a Google Calendar.

All of your guests will receive an email invitation. They can then let you know if they are going by clicking the Yes, No, or Maybe links in the email or the event itself.

Google Calendar Event awaiting a response from two guests
Google Calendar Event awaiting a response from two guests

This will also send them reminders when the time of the meeting approaches if they accepted your invitation.

An email invitation for the guests for the Google Calendar Event
An email invitation for the guests

Customize Google Calendar Events from Simply Schedule Appointments

With our Google Calendar event customization editor, you can change the information that gets passed through to the Title, Location, and Description of the Google Event.

Learn more about the Google Calendar Event Customization feature.

Event Editing Screen from Google Calendar

Use the pencil icon in the top-right corner to edit the Google Calendar event. In the Event Editing Screen.

Edit the Google Calendar Event with Pencil Icon
Edit Event with Pencil Icon

Manually Inviting More Guests

You can also invite more people to your Google Calendar event, just use the pencil icon in the top-right corner. Under the Guests section, you can enter another address to join in on the meeting.

Google calendar event to add more guests
Editing a Google Calendar Event

Here, you can also choose the Guest Permissions:

  • Modify event
  • Invite others
  • See Guest List

Making updates to the Event will also notify the invitees.

Manually Edit Google Invites Notifications

Use the dropdown to choose whether you want to send an email or a push notification. And choose an amount of time prior to the event that they’ll receive the notification.

Invites who don’t use Google Calendar will always receive an email notification.

Google Calendar users can change their email notification settings and may not get the notifications.

Send an Email to Invitees

If you by chance, need to send your Invitees an update about the appointment, you can use the Google Calendar Invites to send them an email.

Send an email to the Google Calendar event guests with Envelope icon
Send an email to the guest with the Envelope icon

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