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The Simply Schedule Appointment bookings can take on a series of five different statuses, each obtained through different booking scenarios. In this guide, we’ll be breaking them down and explaining how the appointments take on each status with a booking status overview.

Potential status for an appointment:

  • Booked
  • Canceled
  • Abandoned
  • Pending Payment
  • Pending Form Submission

Booking Status Overview

The appointments can achieve different statuses depending on where they’re booking and whether they’re accepting payments.

Infographic depicting an overview of appointment status changes.
Overview of the Appointment Status Changes

Filter By Booking Status

The SSA Appointments Tab has a way to filter the bookings by Booking Status. Open the Filter options > use the Booking Status dropdown.

Appointment tab filters that affect Visible Appointments - using the booking status dropdown
Using the Booking Status dropdown to filter through bookings.

Pending Bookings

The Pending Payment and Pending Form Submission statuses come with a few extra options and are displayed differently in the Appointments tab. Visit our guide on how to manage Pending Bookings.

Screenshot of the SSA Appointments Tab displaying the special Pending Form Submission and Pending Payment format for the appointment listing.

Appointments Made Through the Default SSA Booking Calendars

If a booking is made through the default SSA booking calendars with no payment options, the appointments either are Booked or don’t get recorded in SSA.

SSA does not keep a record of appointments if the user doesn’t complete the booking process.

Once the user sees the confirmation screen in the booking form, SSA will mark the appointment as Booked.

Infographic using the Default Booking Calendars
SSA Booking Status Diagram using the Default Booking Calendars

Default SSA Booking Calendars Collecting Payments

This is where it gets tricky – a booking made through our default payment booking calendars can either be Booked, Pending Payment, or Abandoned.

If the user leaves the booking form before SSA collects the payment with Stripe or PayPal redirects them to the checkout page, then SSA doesn’t keep a record of the appointment.


When a user pays through Stripe, SSA immediately knows whether or not the payment is successful. If the payment fails, SSA will inform the user immediately and ask that they retry entering their payment information.

And if the payment succeeds, the appointment will be then marked as Booked.


When a user pays through PayPal, SSA does not immediately know if the payment is successful because PayPal redirects the user to the Checkout Page. Every appointment that uses PayPal Checkout is initially marked as Pending Payment.

While SSA is waiting to hear back from PayPal, SSA will start a timer. The appointment is marked as Abandoned if the plugin doesn’t hear back from PayPal in 7 days.

But, if PayPal lets SSA know the payment is complete and it was successful, SSA will mark the appointment as Booked.

If a user opens the PayPal Checkout screen but abandons it, the appointment is still marked as a pending_payment for 7 days.

Diagram using the Default Payment Booking Calendars
SSA Booking Status Diagram using the Default Payment Booking Calendars

Form Integrations

This applies to our Formidable Form and Gravity Form integrations; a booking made through these integrations can either be Booked, Pending Form Submission, or Abandoned.

When a time slot is selected in a booking form created through Formidable Forms or Gravity Forms, an appointment is immediately recorded and marked as Pending Form Submission.

SSA will give the user 30 minutes to fill out their form. If SSA does not get any feedback from Formidable Forms or Gravity Forms of a form submission, SSA finally marks this appointment as Abandoned.

If the form submission happens within those 30 minutes, then the appointment will be marked as Booked.

We have a guide to show you how to adjust the default 30-minute timer in the Form Integrations and the reasoning behind this functionality.

Diagram using the Form Integrations
SSA Booking Status Diagram using the Form Integrations

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