This guide applies to:

  • Basic Edition
  • Plus Edition
  • Pro Edition
  • Business Edition

Customer-initiated changes

Once an appointment is made, a customer has two options to edit, reschedule, or cancel an appointment:

Booking confirmation screen

After a customer has booked an appointment, they’ll see four options available at the bottom of the confirmation screen:

Screen shot showing options on the appointment booking confirmation screen: edit, reschedule, cancel, schedule new
Options to edit the appointment


Edit Information:
Returns the customer to the customer information screen to edit their information (name, email, etc).
Allows the customer to select a new date and time. After the new date and time are confirmed, the old date and time are canceled automatically.
Cancel Appointment:
Allows the customer to cancel the appointment
Schedule a New Appointment:
Takes the customer back to the initial screen to book an entirely new appointment.

Confirmation email

When the customer received the confirmation email, it will contain a link at the bottom to edit, cancel, or reschedule the appointment:

Screen shot of an email link that will take you to an appointment editing screen
Link to edit your appointment

Once the customer clicks the link, they’ll see a screen that looks very similar to the appointment confirmation screen with three options at the bottom. These are three of the four options available from the appointment confirmation screen:

Screen shot of options to edit an appointment: edit, reschedule, cancel
Appointment editing options available from the booking confirmation email

Admin-initiated changes

As the appointment admin for the site, you have the option to cancel or delete an appointment.

Cancel an appointment

An appointment can be canceled from the admin Appointments view. In the listing of appointments, expand the appointment that you wish to cancel by clicking the caret at the right:

Screen shot of an expanded appointment in the appointments list
Expanded appointment in the appointments list

Click the Cancel this Appointment link to cancel the appointment. By default an email confirming the cancelation is sent to the customer and to yourself, but the notification settings can be changed.

Delete an appointment

An appointment can be deleted from the admin single appointment view. In the listing of appointments, expand the appointment that you wish to delete by click the caret at the right. Then click the View appointment details link. This will take you to the single appointment view. At the top right, you’ll see a three-dots menu. Clicking that will open the option to delete an appointment.

Screen shot of the appointment detail view with an arrow pointing at the dots icon that opens the appointment menu
Appointment menu with cancel and delete options

Note: No email notification is sent to either you or the customer when an appointment is deleted.