This guide applies to:

  • Basic Edition
  • Plus Edition
  • Pro Edition
  • Business Edition

When creating appointment types, the ability to add custom fields for customer information is available in the premium editions of Simply Schedule Appointments:

  • Simply Schedule Appointments Plus Edition
  • Simply Schedule Appointments Professional Edition
  • Simply Schedule Appointments Business Edition

Required fields

Name and Email are always required fields for every appointment type. When editing the custom fields for an appointment type, you’ll see that these two fields have disabled gray icons in front of them and that you do not have the option to re-order, edit, or delete these two fields.

Screen shot of the custom fields of an appointment type showing name and email address
The default custom fields section of an appointment type

Adding custom fields

To add a new field, click the Add field button. A modal will open where you can add the details for your custom field.

Screen shot of the modal window for adding or editing a custom field
The modal window for adding or editing a custom field

The following fields are available:

The label is the name of the field, e.g. Phone number or Birthday. This is the name your customers will see when asked to fill out the booking form, and this name will also be included in any email notifications or reminders about a booked appointment.
Check the checkbox if your customer should be required to complete this field in order to book an appointment. If left unchecked, the field is voluntary for your customer.
Select which type of field you’d like to set up. Your options are:

  • Single Line Text: Ideal for short text answer, e.g. Name, Email Address, City, etc.
  • Multi Line Text: Ideal for longer text answers that might be a sentence or longer.
  • Checkboxes: Ideal for multiple choice where your customer can select multiple options if necessary
  • Radios: Ideal for multiple choices where you customer can select only one option.
If you select Checkboxes or Radios as the type for the field, you’ll need to enter values for each radio button or checkbox. To add multiple checkboxes or radio buttons, just hit the Enter key to add a new line.
If you’d like to display an icon before the field, you can select an icon from the list.
Helpful instructions for filling out the field. These will be shown just below the field when the customer is booking an appointment.

Click the Update button to save your settings and close the modal.

Editing a custom field

To edit a custom field, click the cog icon to the right of the field.

Screenshot of the custom fields showing the cog icon that opens the field menu
Custom fields showing the cog icon to the right

This open the field menu:

Screenshot of the open menu for a custom field
Field menu for a custom field

Click the Edit option on the menu. A modal form will open where you can edit the settings for the custom field. See the above section on adding a new custom field for a description of the settings.

Cloning a custom field

If you’re adding multiple fields with similar settings, you can save some time by cloning an existing field rather than creating new ones from scratch. To clone an existing field, click the cog icon to the right of the custom field, then select Clone from the menu.

A copy of the field will open in a modal dialog where you can adjust the settings. Click the Update button when you’re finished to add the new field to the list of custom fields.

Deleting a custom field

To remove a field, click the cog icon to the right of an appointment type and select Delete  from the menu. The custom field will be removed.

Reordering custom fields

Custom fields can be re-arranged into any order you like, except for Name and Email which will always remain the first and second fields. To re-order the fields, just place your mouse over either the name of the field or the icon in front of the field. You’ll see the cursor change to the move cursor. Click and drag the custom field up or down to its new position in the list. You’ll see the other appointment types slide into position to make room for the moved appointment type.

Display a custom field in an email notification

Please click here to learn how to display a custom field in an email notification.