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In this guide, we’ll describe the super-fast Google Calendar setup process using our new Quick Connect feature.

Quick Connect requires an active plugin license.

Google Calendar Quick Connect

Enable the Beta Feature

The new Quick Connect feature is currently in a Beta state. This means that our team has verified that it’s fully functioning in our testing environments but may still encounter bugs as everyone begins to use it. We ask that you please bring up any issues you find as you interact with our new feature.

Also, if you still see the old Google authentication key fields when following this guide, you’ll need to enable Quick Connect in the Plugin’s Developer Settings.

  1. Please ensure you’re on the latest plugin version
  2. Go to the SSA Settings page (WP-Admin > Appointments > Settings)
  3. Scroll to the very bottom of the Settings page
  4. Click on Developer Settings
  5. Under Beta Features, select Connect to Google Calendar with SSA Quick Connect
  6. Click Save
Screenshot of the SSA Developer Settings with the Google Calendar Quick Connect toggle turned on.

Authorize with SSA Quick Connect

To connect to Google Calendar, simply head over to the Simply Schedule Appointments Settings Page > Google > click SIGN IN WITH GOOGLE.


Signing in with Google

After clicking the SIGN IN button, you’ll be redirected to a Google login screen. Select the Google account that you want to connect to the Simply Schedule Appointments plugin.

One of the screens will include, “Simply Schedule Appointments wants additional access to your Google Account”. Simply Schedule Appointments offers a safe and reliable connection through Feel free to visit and read through our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service to learn more about the SSA Quick Connect service connection.

Some key points about this connection include that we do not store any information regarding your users, appointments, or website and plugin settings.

Select Continue to finish connecting your Google Account to the SSA plugin.

Google's confirmation screen to verify that you want to continue the connection provided by

Finish Setting Up Google Calendar Sync (Required)

The site may flash on the screen for second, but don’t worry this is expected! You should finish back on the SSA Google settings screen.

Email Address Under the Connected Account Header in the Google Calender Settings

And, that’s it! Feel free to adjust the Google settings. And, remember to finish setting up the Appointment Types using Google Calendar Sync.

Still stuck?

File a support ticket with our five-star support team to get more help.

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