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Use Gravity Forms to create complex appointment booking forms using Simply Schedule Appointments (SSA). With Gravity Forms, you can make booking forms that include conditional logic and so many more advanced fields.

Potential Use Cases:

  • Direct visitors to specific appointment types based on their information
  • Custom confirmation pages after booking
  • Robust Payment options

What You Need First

  1. Gravity Forms installed and activated including their Basic, Pro, Elite or Developer plan.
  2. Go through the Setup Wizard in SSA and finish setting up your Booking Calendar rules and styling.

Video Walkthrough

Using the Appointment Form Field in Gravity Forms

Go to your WordPress Dashboard > Forms > Add New to create a new form for booking appointments.

Make sure to include the basic fields that SSA requires to log appointments:

  • Name
  • Email

Now, add the Appointment field to your form to let people choose a time slot. Find it under Advanced Fields > Appointment.

Adding the Name, Email, and Appointment field to a form

Appointment field

The Appointment field settings let you choose whether you’d like to display all the Appointment Types or a specific Appointment Type (assuming you’ve created multiple Types in the SSA admin page).

You’ll also need to tie the Name and Email fields to SSA using the Form Field dropdowns. By default, Gravity Forms will automatically tie the Name and Email fields.

Choosing a Specific Appointment Type for the form

Add the booking form to your website

After that, you should be able to add your form to any WordPress page or post. Use the Gravity Forms’ shortcode or block.

You could also create other fields to collect customer information for the appointment.

All of the information collected in Gravity Forms will display in SSA.

Booking a Time Slot with Gravity Forms

Visitors will use your form to enter their information and choose an Appointment Time Slot.

When they choose a time slot, they’ll see a confirmation of their time. After they’ve filled in the required details and chosen a time, they can submit the form.

Booking a time slot with a basic form

Managing Booked Gravity Forms Appointments

When you view the entry in the Gravity Forms, you’ll see a summary of the details, along with a link to manage the appointment in SSA.

In SSA, you should see all the Gravity Forms field details along with a link to view the entry in Gravity Forms.

Hidden/Admin Fields

As a security measure, any hidden or admin fields are not collected for display on the SSA Appointments pages. This is to make sure sensitive information like admin notes or passwords is not displayed to users through the Google Invite feature or through the notifications.

Viewing appointments from the booking form

Canceling Gravity Form Appointments

To cancel an appointment, go to WordPress Dashboard > Appointments > Click on the Appointment you’d like to cancel > Click Cancel this Appointment > Confirm Cancellation.

The entry in Gravity Forms will need to be deleted separately, canceling in SSA doesn’t affect those entries.

Canceling an appointment through SSA makes sure that the time slot is opened again on the Booking Calendar.

Appointments can’t be canceled or deleted from the Gravity Forms entries page. If you delete an entry, SSA will still hold the record of the appointment. 

Overhead Calendar View of Booked Gravity Forms Appointments

The Appointments fields are not yet compatible with the GravityView add-on.

If you’d like to have a Calendar View of your booked appointments, you could sync SSA with Google Calendar.

Sending Customer and Admin Notifications

You could use either Gravity Forms or SSA to send your clients notifications and reminders.

We recommend using SSA to send text messages or email notifications. Since this will make sure that you can send:

  • clients a unique cancelation/rescheduling link 
  • tailored emails depending on the Appointment Types booked
  • you and your clients get cancelation emails

Just remember, that if you use Gravity Forms for the notifications, disable the default email notifications in SSA. They are set up to automatically send once you finish the Setup Wizard.

Gravity From Notifications

We also support two merge tags in Gravity Forms. One to display the time slot information for the customers booked time slot.

Display time slot info


And one for the public edit URL which allows customers to cancel or edit the SSA appointment.

Display public edit url



For example, if the name of my Appointment field is, “Book a call”, and Gravity Forms gave it the ID of 5, then my merge tags would look like this:

{Book a Call:5}
{Book a Call:5:public_edit_url}

Here are some guides to setting up email notifications with Gravity Forms.

Conditional Logic and Varying Prices

To learn more about using Gravity Forms to create robust and complex booking forms, we’ve put together the following guides:

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