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We want to review how Simply Schedule Appointments prevents double bookings in the booking calendar. Specifically answering:

When two people are trying to book the same time slot, who gets the slot?

The answer: Whoever submits the booking form first!

If you’re not seeing this happen, make sure the time slot doesn’t have a remaining Capacity. Or, check to see if you have Independent Availability enabled.

How We Prevent Double-Bookings

During the booking process, the plugin checks the availability multiple times.

Once when you first load the appointment type, the calendar finds all the available time slots

Again, when you click a specific time slot, if it’s no longer available, you’re taken back to the list of time slots with a short notice that the time you chose isn’t available anymore.

And, again, after you fill out the form. When you click submit, we triple-check to ensure it’s still available. If it’s been booked, then you’re taken back to the time selection screen with a new notice.

But, if you’ve filled out the booking form and got booted, the next time you choose a time slot, the form will be filled with the information you had before.

If you’re using one of our form integrations with Simply Schedule Appointments, you can also rest easy knowing that we prevent double bookings with the form integrations as well.

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