This guide applies to:

  • Basic Edition
  • Plus Edition
  • Pro Edition
  • Business Edition

SSL certificate required

Make sure that your site is set up with an SSL certificate. Just be sure the URL for your site starts with https and not just http. If you don’t have an SSL certificate, contact your hosting company for help in getting that setup.

Getting set up with PayPal

If you don’t have a PayPal account already, just head on over to their website and get one set up. PayPal will allow you to securely accept bank transfers, check payments, and credit card payments from customers all over the world.

A free PayPal Business account is required. You can either upgrade an existing PayPal personal account to Business, or you can create a new PayPal Payments Standard account.

With your PayPal email address, go to your Settings screen in the admin interface for Simply Schedule Appointments. Enable Payments, then click into Payments settings. Set your default currency, then enable PayPal and head into the PayPal settings.

Basic Settings

Display title
The name that will display to your customers for the PayPal payment option
The description that will display to your customers for the PayPal payment option
PayPal email address
The email address for your PayPal account
IPN Notification URL
Assigned automatically by Simply Schedule Appointments. Not editable. Copy and past this value into your PayPal account IPN Settings
Screen shot of the PayPal setting showing the email field and IPN value to copy
Enter your PayPal email address and copy the IPN Notification URL

Once you’ve got your PayPal IPN URL, you’ll just need set up your PayPal IPN Settings.

Advanced Settings

If you have a PayPal developer account, you can optionally enable Sandbox mode on your site. This is handy for testing payment scenarios and your connection to PayPal without having to enter real payment information.

Screen shot of the PayPal advanced settings section
Optionally enable sandbox mode for testing

Taking payments for appointments

With PayPal enabled and your PayPal email address saved, you can now edit any of your appointment types. You’ll see a new section called Payments:

Screenshot of appointment type payment settings with PayPal enabled
Payment settings for an appointment type with PayPal enabled

First up, the payment can be required or optional. If you mark the payment as required, then customers will have to provide a valid payment in order to book their appointment. For optional payments, customers can elect to pay later (likely in person at the time of the appointment) and will be able to book the appointment even without paying.

Then you can set the price of the appointment, the currency if it’s different from the default currency you set in the Payments settings, and you can enter a refund policy. Save the appointment type and that’s all there is to getting set up to accept payments while booking appointments.

Booking with payment

When a customer books an appointment with a payment, they’ll see the price on every screen of the booking process.

Screen shot showing an appointment booking for $125
The price is shown when you select an appointment type to book

After selecting a date and time for the appointment, your customer will be asked to pay. If you’ve selected an optional payment, your customer will also have the option to Pay Later.

Screenshot of the booking from with optional PayPal payment
Option to pay with PayPal at time of booking

After clicking Confirm and Pay, your customer will be taken to PayPal to complete their payment. We hold the appointment for 10 minutes to give them time to finish up there. Once payment is complete, they’re returned to a confirmation screen:

Screen shot showing confirmation of an appointment booking
Booking confirmation screen showing the payment was received.

Payment details for you

Then, when you’re viewing the upcoming appointment, you’ll see that a payment was received.

Screen shot showing customer information for an appointment and confirming payment
Payment received for this appointment

And you’ll even be able to click the View Appointment Details link to see all the detailed information about the payment:

Screenshot of payment details for a PayPal payment.
Payment details for a PayPal payment