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Make it easy for your customers to book paid appointments using Stripe. Add the Stripe option to receive payments directly to your Stripe Business Account.

You’ll need to:

  1. Install an SSL Certificate
  2. Sign Up for a Stripe Account
  3. Setup the Publishable Key and Secret Key in SSA
  4. Setup the Stripe Webhook URL in Stripe
  5. Save Your Stripe SSA Basic Settings

After finishing those steps you’ll be ready to start taking Stripe payments!. Finish setting up Payments for your appointments by adding your payment settings to your Appointment Types.

Install an SSL Certificate

Stripe requires your site to have an SSL Certificate. 

A quick way to tell if you are SSL Certified is to check your site’s URL. Make sure your URL starts with HTTPS, not just HTTP. 

If you find that your site isn’t SSL certified, contact your hosting company for help in getting that setup.

Sign Up for a Stripe Account

If you don’t have one yet, go over to their website and get one set up. Stripe requires an account before you can start to accept payments – and it’s free to create an account!

Create or Login to your Stripe Account

When you sign-up for a new account, make sure to verify your email and onboard your account. Your account will continue to work as a test account until you verify and finish onboarding.

After verifying, Stripe will ask you to finish onboarding by asking for more information about your business and collecting your Bank details, etc.

You cannot accept payments or get live API keys until your account has been properly set up.

Finish verifying and onboarding your Stripe account before getting live API keys

Setup the Publishable Key and Secret Key in SSA

Once you’ve got your Stripe account, you’ll just need to get your Publishable Key and your Secret Key from your Stripe account.

Copying the Keys From Stripe

Go to Developers > API keys. You need to make sure you’re copying the Live API keys.

Copying and Pasting the Publishable Key and Secret Keys

Pasting the Keys Back in SSA

With your keys, go to your SSA Settings > Payments > Toggle on > Click Edit Settings.

Toggle on Stripe > Click Edit.

You’ll see the fields where you need to paste in your Publishable and Secret keys from Stripe.

Opening up the Stripe Settings in SSA

Setup the Stripe Webhook URL in Stripe

Copying the Webhook URL From SSA

Go to your SSA Settings > Payments > Stripe.

You’ll see the fields Stripe Webhook URL that you need to copy under the Basic Settings.

Pasting the Webhook URL to Stripe

Go to Developers > Webhooks.

Click on + Add endpoint. And, paste in the Stripe Webhooks URL. Under the Events to Send section, click on the link to Receive All Events.

Setting up the Webhook URL in Stripe

You need to install an SSL Certificate for this step to work.

Saving Your Stripe SSA Basic Settings

Double-check the Display title, Description fields, and Statement Descriptor to make sure that’s what you’d like your clients to see when they’re booking.

Basic Settings

  • Display title: The name that will display on the booking form for the Stripe payment option 
  • Description: The description that will display on the booking form for the Stripe payment option 
  • Statement Descriptor: This text follows your company’s name on your customers bank account statement

Advanced Settings

You can use the Advanced Settings section to put Stripe into test mode to test payments. 

We have a guide to walk you through the Stripe Test Mode setup if you’re interested.

Screen shot of the test mode settings for Stripe
Enable test mode and enter your test publishable key and test secret key to test Stripe payments

Adding Payments to Your Appointment Types

Now you can start accepting payments for your appointments with Stripe! Finish setting up your payments by adding your payment settings to your Appointment Types.

Adding Payments to Appointment Types

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