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Everything you need to know about how Stripe and PayPal works with the SSA payments feature.

See below for some of the most asked questions on how payments will affect your Booking Calendar on SSA:

How do I include taxes? (VAT)

We don’t have any way to set taxes/VAT on the paid appointments. Based on these two pages for Stripe and PayPal, it seems that they also don’t automatically charge/include taxes/VAT.

You’ll need to include VAT within your prices and handle those manually.

Can I choose multiple currency types for an Appointment Type?

At the moment we don’t have the ability to choose multiple currency types for each appointment type. Stripe and PayPal automatically handle currency conversions in their backend:

  • “If the charge currency differs from the customer’s credit card currency, the customer may be charged a foreign exchange fee by their credit card company. The customer may also be charged a fee by their credit card company if the credit card and your business are in different countries, regardless of the currency used.” Stripe:
  • “If you have a PayPal Premier or Business account, configure your Payment Receiving Preferences to handle payments automatically. You can convert any payment into your primary currency or block certain types of payments.” PayPal:

Do my customers receive an invoice/receipt for payments?

At the moment there isn’t a way to send receipts via Stripe or PayPal. We’re hoping to make improvement to this in the future. In the meantime, you can include the amount paid in the customer confirmation email

Use this twig code template to the notifications:

{{ Appointment.payment_received }}

Will my customers automatically get a refund for canceled appointments?

Canceled appointments don’t automatically issue refunds to customers. You’ll have to manually issue the refund for the customer.

Read more on how to manage those, in our Managing Payments for Bookings guide.

Can I setup paid subscriptions or appointment packages?

At the moment, we don’t have the capability to create subscriptions to appointments or to sell packages.

We’re looking forward to integrating with WooCommerce which will allow for a more robust payment system.

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