This guide applies to:

  • Basic Edition
  • Plus Edition
  • Pro Edition
  • Business Edition

What You Need First

Setup a Google Account that you’d like to use as a Centralized Account. You’ll need this to connect all the other Google Accounts.

Connect this Centralized Account to SSA using the Client ID and Client Secret.

How to Sync Multiple Individual Google Calendars

This could be used to let multiple people’s Google Calendar Schedule sync with Appointment Type Availability.

At the moment, you’re not able to connect multiple Google Accounts to the SSA Booking Calendar.  

The workaround we suggest to our clients is to have a Centralized Google Account (Gmail or GSuite) and Calendar that will connect all your employees Google Calendars together. 

Potential Use Cases:

  • Each employee has their own Appointment Type, they’d like to sync with their own Google Calendar
  • All your employees would like to get updated on their Google Calendar when a new appointment is booked

How to Setup a Centralized Google Calendar to Sync with SSA

To do this, you’ll need to have an account that will be used for the Centralized Calendar.  

First you need to ask your employees to give your Centralized Calendar permissions to use their calendars. 

Instructions for Employees

They’ll need to go to their Google Calendar Settings, that should be in the top-right corner by clicking the cog icon. 

They should go to the Settings for My Calendars, select their Calendar and go the Share with Specific People option. 

They need to type in the Email Address of the Centralized Account and give it Make Changes and Manage Sharing Permissions to the account. 

Instructions for Centralized Account Owner

Once your employees have managed their permissions with the Centralized Calendar account, you’ll need to add them too.

Go to the Other Calendars section and select the Plus button next to it.  

You’ll need to select the Subscribe to Calendar option from the dropdown menu. 

You should be taken to the Settings page where you can fill in the Add Calendar field.  

Enter your employee email address.

When an Employee Hasn’t Shared Permission Yet

If they haven’t yet given you access to the calendar, you’ll see a popup like the one below. If you’re seeing this, you’ll need to Subscribe to Calendar again later once they’ve given you access permission.

This first time will only send them a link to give you access. 

After selecting Request Access, they’ll get an email in their inbox that they need to use to give the Centralized Calendar access to their Google Calendar. There will be a link in that email they receive to customize the settings for sharing their calendar with the Centralized Calendar.  

As soon as they click that link, they’ll be taken to their Settings page where they’ll need to give the Centralized Calendar the Make Changes and Manage Sharing Permissions. 

In the Centralized Calendar Settings, you’ll need to Subscribe to the Employee Calendar again, the first time was to send out the request link. Now that the employee has given you permissions you can add their calendar to the Centralized Calendar without any issues. 

Setting up the Centralized Calendar is SSA

Under the My Calendars list you should now see both the Centralized Calendar and the Employee Calendar. 

Now we have to go to specific Appointment Type that the employee needs to be synced with. Go down to the Google Calendar tab, select the Employee Calendar and Save. 

Sync Appointments with this Calendar is used when you’d like the Appointments Booked to be created as Events in the Google Calendar.

Check these calendars for conflicts is for when you’d like the Booking Calendar to block off time slots when the Google Calendar has events booked.

That’s it! You’ve successfully synced an Employee Calendar with the Booking Calendar!