Welcome to June’s Monthly Newsletter!

Hello everyone, welcome to our June newsletter for Simply Schedule Appointments. This is where we gather all the information about our newest updates and other plugin-related news into one short and sweet summary each month. We hope you enjoy it!

Simply Schedule Appointments Updates Released in June

Translations Improved for Notifications and Calendar Events

This month’s release included significant improvements to the translation capabilities of the Notifications and Calendar Events. Let’s go over each one in more detail.

Learn about more tips and tricks to make your Simply Schedule Appointments booking system multilingual-friendly.

Customer_Locale Parameter to Specify Language for Custom Dates

With the latest updates to the Custom Date Twig template, you can now pass a customer_locale parameter to automatically translate start and end dates to the customer’s language. This comes in handy when using multiple languages on your site.

Plus, the language pack doesn’t need to be installed for this to work since Simply Schedule Appointments uses a code library to translate dates and times. This means that your site can be in any language, and you can count on the appointment dates to be in the same language that the user books in, helping streamline multilingual booking setups. 

Here’s a sample of the custom date Twig template, including the new locale parameter:

{{ Appointment.start_date | date("d. F Y \\u\\m H:i (T)", Appointment.customer_timezone, Appointment.customer_locale) }}

Twig template using new customer locale parameter, the preview shows the start date translated to Spanish.

Translations for Name and Email Fields

We’ve also added translations for the Name and Email customer information fields based on the customer’s locale. This information is automatically pulled from the translation pack repository and added to the notifications when using the {{Appointment.customer_information_summary}} Twig template.

Customer information summary twig now translating the Name and Email field labels based on the customer locale.

Formidable Forms Appointment Field Updates

We continue to update our embeddable integrations, and this month, we included Formidable Forms. We’ve added new features to the Appointment field to help you display booking calendars in your forms.

Select Appointment Types

We’ve added an entirely new selection interface, now allowing you to select a subset of Appointment Types to add to your form. You can also filter by Labels, which will enable you to display Appointment Types with a specific label.

Formidable Forms Appointment field with the new Appointment Type selection settings highlighted under the field options.

Padding Options

Adjust the space around the appointment type or listing. The default is set to 50 px.

Formidable Forms Appointment field with the new padding settings highlighted under the field options.

Appointment Types View

Lastly, new view options, including the Grid and Two-Column options, allow you to customize the layout when using two or more Appointment Types.

Formidable Forms Appointment field with the new Appointment Types view settings highlighted under the field options.

CSS Customizations Galore – Newly Added Classes for Fields

The new Booking App is now using unique classes for the booking form fields, which makes targeting specific fields with CSS a breeze! Each booking form field now includes a new class with the following pattern:

field-” + field label + “” + field ID number

For example, if I have a field named “utm_source” and its ID is 2, then the class would look like this: .field-utm_source-2

And I can easily target it with CSS to hide it like so:

.field-utm_source-2 {
    display: none;

This is useful when relying on the query parameters to fill in information automatically. It’s just a fair warning not to make hidden fields Required for submission!

Inspecting the booking form fields with the Chrome inspection tools, the new custom css classes are highlighted.

In Other News


Say hello to our latest expansion, SimplySchedule.Me! This new offering will allow users to receive everything Simply Schedule Appointments has to offer without the hassle of finding hosting and removing the hurdle of acquiring a WordPress website.

This is an exciting opportunity for anyone wanting to start a quick scheduling website for their new business endeavors. The same 5-star Simply Schedule Appointments support team will be here to help each step of the way, including setting up your theme and booking system with you.

As always, it also includes our risk-free, no-questions-asked 30-day money-back guarantee! If you’re starting a new small business, don’t hesitate to contact our team to see if SimplySchedule.Me would be a good fit for you.

SimplySchedule.Me logo

WordPress 6.6 Release Right Around the Corner

The newest WordPress release is coming in mid-July, and we’re already starting to test for compatibility. In the next few weeks, we’ll work on any needed fixes and make sure Simply Schedule Appointments is ready for the WordPress 6.6 launch!

The best place to check on our compatibility updates is on our WordPress.org listing page, in the plugin meta info, under “Tested up to.”

Simply Schedule Appointments WordPress.org listing page with the meta info for "Tested up to" highlighted.

Draw Attention Summer Sale

Don’t miss out on our Draw Attention plugin summer sale this year! We’re offering 20% off the whole month of July with coupon code SUMMER24 so that you can snag the awesome WordPress interactive image plugin for your site. Delight and engage your users with interactive content for floorplans, infographics, affiliate links, blog posts, and more! 

Draw Attention WordPress Plugin Summer Sale 2024. 20% off on all editions for the first year license only. Create delightful interactive images.

Fun in the Sun – Happy Summer!

Summer is finally here, and we hope everyone is having a fantastic start and keeping cool. Thank you for checking out this month’s newsletter and supporting Simply Schedule Appointments. If you have any questions, the SSA support team is here to help

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