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Everything you need to know about how the Booking Form works in Simply Schedule Appointments all in one place. See below for some of the most asked questions about the booking form.

Can I auto-fill the booking form using Query Strings?

Yes, we automatically pass through any arguments from the URL into the booking form.

It’s case-sensitive. It must be Name and Email (capitalized) or the exact name of the field specified in the Appointment Type settings.

For example, if you have a booking form with Name, Email, and Your_Birthday fields, the URL would look something like this:

Can I change the auto-fill fields in the booking form?

Currently, we can only auto-fill the Name and Email fields for logged-in users.

But, it is possible to program additional auto-fill fields based on the user’s WordPress profile. It requires additional development using our ssa/appointments/customer_information/get_defaults Filter.

If you aren’t a developer or don’t have time to write custom code, we partner with Codeable. They help our customers complete custom work, such as creating additional auto-fill fields for the booking forms.

Can I use a dropdown for Custom Fields?

No, SSA can only create custom text, radio buttons, or checkbox fields.

If you would like to use dropdowns, you need to use one of our form builder integrations with either Gravity Forms or Formidable Forms.

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