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Easier translations for your appointments – booking in your language

Translations feature

As more people start using Simply Schedule Appointments, we’ve had lots of folks who need to translate the plugin into other languages. Understandably, people were most interested in having the booking form translated. Simply Schedule Appointments is and always has been translation-ready, but we started to bump into some of the limitations of the WordPress…

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Appointment reminders and followups for Pro Edition

Reminders showing foxy with a red string tied around a paw

Ever wanted to send a reminder email to your customers the day before their appointment to make sure they remember? If you’re a Pro Edition customer, now you can! Today’s release includes the first part of our flexible reminders feature, which allows you to send out email reminders and email followups as needed. Here’s a…

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Let your customers pay for their appointments with PayPal

PayPal payments with Foxy using a cash regsiter

Back in February, we released the ability to allow your customers to pay for their appointments with Stripe. That’s been really handy, but quite a few folks also wanted to add PayPal to the mix. Today, we released PayPal payments for Simply Schedule Appointments! Preparing for payments First things first – if you want to…

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Appointments every 20 minutes

In the latest version of Simply Schedule Appointments, we now have a 20-minute appointment increment available. This is perfect for those of you who need to schedule appointments every 20 minutes, particularly for you photographers out there. We see you. In addition to 10, 15, 30, and 60 minutes, you can now select to have…

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Accept payments for appointments with Stripe

We had plans to allow folks to take payments for appointments through Simply Schedule Appointments from the very beginning, so that was one thing we guessed right. What we didn’t guess, though, was how crucial this feature would be for so many. So we’re very happy to announce that Simply Schedule Appointments now includes the…

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New views for booking appointments – monthly now available!

One of our earliest assumptions when we started building Simply Schedule Appointments was that folks would be mostly booking appointments in the near future – mostly in the next week or two. Of course, there’s nothing like real people using your software to test your assumptions! As more and more folks have started installing and…

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1-Click Support built right in!

We’ve done our best to build a really solid product, but with software development, bugs and issues are just a fact of life. No matter how much we test and check, we just can’t predict every possible use case, hosting setup, or potential conflicts with other plugins and themes. When one of our customers is…

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