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With the Web Meetings feature, you can now attach your personal web meeting URL or generate a Google Meet URL for bookings.

Each Appointment Type allows you to attach a web meeting URL to it. The URLs can be displayed in Google Calendar events and the email notifications from SSA.

Web Meetings for the Appointment Types

If you go into any of the Appointment Type settings you’ll see a Web Meetings tab.

Clicking through the Web meeting options within the Appointment Type Settings

Custom Meeting URL

Selecting the Custom meeting URL option will open up a field where you can enter a link. You can enter your personal Zoom meeting room or any other link you’d like your customers to have at the time of the appointment.

Here are some popular web meetings services that offer a personal meeting room:

Google Meet

You can also generate a unique meeting URL for each booking using Google Meet.

Learn how to set this up in our Google Meet guide.


Automatically generate Private or Open meeting links using the Zoom integration.

Learn how to set this up in our Zoom guide.

Where Customers See Your Meeting URL

Customers will have access to your meeting URL in two ways:

  • From your SSA Notifications (must include the Twig template)
  • Inside the Google Calendar Event
Google Calendar event with my custom meeting room URL

Meeting URL Twig Template

To send your customers the meeting URL in the SSA Notifications make sure to attach the following Twig Template:

{% if Appointment.web_meeting_url %}
At your appointment time, join the meeting using this link: {{ Appointment.web_meeting_url }}
{% endif %}

This has a conditional, so it will only send the meeting link IF the appointment type has it set up.

Notification preview with custom meeting URL

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