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  • Plus Edition
  • Pro Edition
  • Business Edition

Before you can utilize Google calendar sync, you’ll first need to enable it – click here for instructions.

Now we’ll walk through syncing your Google calendars when creating appointment types.  If you need help creating an appointment type, click here.

Want to apply the same Google Calendar settings to all of your appointment types? See our article on bulk editing appointment types.

Edit appointment type to sync with Google Calendar

In the Google Calendar section for an appointment type, set the following settings:

Sync appointments with this calendar
Select one calendar to which newly booked appointments will be added. The calendars listed here are the calendars attached to your connected Google account that you have write access to.
Check these calendars for conflicts
Select one or more calendars you’d like to check for conflicts. Any busy time on the selected calendars will be unavailable for booking this type of appointment. These are calendars that you have read access to.
Screen shot of appointment type settings showing google calendar options
Google Calendar settings on an appointment type