This guide applies to:

  • Basic Edition
  • Plus Edition
  • Pro Edition
  • Business Edition

1. Go to Settings

To setup syncing with your Google Calendar, first go to the Settings page.

Screen shot of the Simply Schedule Appointments interface showing the Settings link
Link to the settings page

2. Enable Google Calendar Sync

Enable Google Calendar Sync by toggling the feature on, then click Edit Settings.

Screen shot of the Google Calendar Sync button
Google Calendar Sync settings

3. Connect to Google

Here you’ll need to enter your Google API info so that Google can communicate with Simply Schedule Appointments.

Enter your Client ID and Client Secret for the Google API, then click “Save and Authorize.”

Need help getting your Google Client ID and Client Secret? See our article stepping you through.

If the authorization is successful, you’ll then see your Google information displayed, with the option to Disconnect the account.

Screen shot of the Google Calendar Sync settings with an account connected
Google Calendar sync settings with an account connected

4. Update your appointment types

Once you’ve got Google Calendar enabled and connected,  you’ll need to edit each of your appointment types to link appointments of that type to your Google Calendar. Details on Google Calendar settings on appointment types.