Using Google Calendar Sync

Before you can utilize Google calendar sync, you’ll first need to enable it – click here for instructions.

Now we’ll walk through syncing your Google calendars when creating appointment types.  If you need help creating an appointment type, click here.

  • In this example, we’ll edit an existing appointment type called “Quick Phone Call.”
  • Click the cog next to the appointment type, then click “Edit.” (You can also perform these steps when adding an appointment type, per the instructions above.)

  • Scroll to the Google Calendar section.  This section will display the calendars you’ve previously enabled for syncing.
  • Place a check mark next to any calendars that you want to be checked for conflicts when appointments of this type of are added.

  • In the drop-down section labeled “Add new appointments to this calendar,”  this will show the calendar to which new appointments will be added.  (You can only add appointments to one calendar, as this is a limitation of Google.  If you want others to be able to see the appointments, you can share your calendar with another account.)
  •   **Note:  You must have read/write access to the calendar listed in this field.