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Use Stripe test mode with Simply Schedule Appointments to make sure your account is set up correctly and that your payments will go through successfully. You can test how paid appointments work and see that your Stripe account is being updated after booking.

Make sure you’ve set up your Stripe account and SSA settings before you begin testing.

To get this setup:

  1. Collect your Test Publishable Key and Secret Key from Stripe
  2. Enable Test Mode
  3. Use Test Card Info to Test Appointments

1. Collect Test Publishable Key and Test Secret Key

In your Stripe Account go to Developers > API keys. You’ll see an API Keys section that will either say:

Viewing live API keys or Viewing test API keys. Use the toggle on the right, View test data, to switch between the live and test keys.

You’re going to need to use the test API keys for the test mode in SSA.

Finding the Test API keys under Developer > API Keys

2. Setup Test Mode in SSA in the Advanced Settings

Going back to the SSA settings, go to Payments > Stripe > Open the Advanced Settings tab.

Here you’ll see two fields for the Test Publishable Key and the Test Secret Key. After copying and pasting the keys from your Stripe account, go ahead and Enable Test Mode. Click Save.

Setting up Test Mode in the Stripe Payment Settings in SSA

A blue bar will appear at the top of the settings letting you know that Stripe is in test mode. And, when looking at the Payment settings, you’ll also see an exclamation point reminder for test mode.

And, this should be all you need to set up test mode. Just make sure the Appointment Types you want to test have Stripe enabled as a payment option.

3. Book a Test Paid Appointment

When Stripe and SSA are in test mode, the payment portal won’t accept genuine card information. You’ll have to use the test card information provided by Stripe.

Just copy one of the card numbers included in their list, enter an expiration date in the future, and add a random CVC number.

Booking a Test Paid Appointment

Viewing the Test Paid Appointment

After booking the paid appointment you can head on over to the SSA Appointments page. You’ll find the new appointment on the list. It’ll look like a regular appointment.

Only if you open the Appointment Details will you see that it is a test appointment. Under the Status bar in the Payment Information section, you’ll see a yellow Test Mode bar.

Clicking on the Stripe Payment ID will take you to the payment information page in your Stripe account. Here, you can view your payment in test mode.

Viewing the Test Paid Appointment on the SSA Appointments Page

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