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We’ve had some customers experience issues with the Stripe Webhook in Simply Schedule Appointments when using Cloudflare. Stripe will notify you on your online account or through email that you have an error. Or, you may notice that the SSA Stripe integration is not working correctly.

If you’re not using Cloudflare and experiencing payment issues, please contact our support team.

How to Resolve HTTP 503 Stripe Webhook Errors

This error is caused when Stripe cannot make a successful call to the Webhook URL created through the SSA Stripe integration. The URL looks like this:

To fix this, you’ll need to add Stripe’s Webhook IP addresses to Cloudflare’s IP whitelist on your account:

  1. Obtain all Stripe’s Webhook IP addresses.
  2. Then add those IP addresses to Cloudflare’s whitelist following their instructions or your hosting providers instructions if they integrate with Cloudflare for you.

After doing so, you can either manually test if the Webhook is successful. Or, you can reach out to the Stripe support team, and they’ll be happy to test it for you.

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