February 2024 Foxy Newsletter

Hello everyone! Welcome to our February newsletter for Simply Schedule Appointments. This is where we gather all the information about our newest updates and other plugin-related news into one short and sweet summary each month. 


Simply Schedule Appointments Updates Released in February

Let’s go over all the highlights for February — Just make sure to update to the latest version from your website so that you can also receive all these new goodies!

New Booking Flow Time Views

This month, we released new Views for the Booking Flow feature: Rows and Block.

Rows Time View Setting Interface.
Block Time View Setting Interface.

Rows View

The Row View allows you to display the time slots in neat rows organized by the Time of Day sections (Night, Afternoon, Evening, Morning). This is an excellent View for booking calendars that are placed in long vertical sections on a web page.

Time Slots Organized into rows according to their corresponding Time of Day categories.

Block View

The Block View allows you to display the time slots in left-to-right order taking up as much space horizontally before starting a new line. This is a good option for booking calendars that want to keep it simple. Removing the Time of Day sections helps some schedules avoid ending up with sparse columns due to limited time slots.

Time slots organized into a block.

Elementor Widget Updates Part 1

The Schedule an Appointment Elementor booking widget received a first round of updates this month, introducing new features in the Content tab, including:

  • Upgraded Appointment Type selection, including the ability to select a subset of calendars and the option to choose using Labels.
  • Added Appointment Type View options: Choose how to display the list of Appointment Types
  • Added Booking Flow options: Choose and override the Booking Flow settings for the Appointment Types
Elementor “Schedule an Appointment” widget settings.

The Upcoming Appointments widget received a few updates as well. Now including the ability to select whether you’d like to display Appointment Type Titles and hide the Team Member information on your upcoming appointments listing for customers.

Plus, more improvements are on the way for the Elementor widgets. Stay tuned!  

Elementor "Upcoming Appointment" widget settings.

Romanian Language Pack

SSA now includes support for the Romanian Language Pack – if you’d like to contribute, make sure to visit our guide on how to add your own translations to our public WordPress translation project!

Romanian language pack installed in the Simply Schedule Appointments interface.

Have a question? Ask our 5-Star Support Team! 

The SSA support team is here to help; we’re just one form submission away! Check out our lovely Valentine’s Day review.

“Best support for a plugin we’ve ever had. I highly recommend this plugin for a free booking solution that works well on all devices and is easy to set up. I tried at least 3 other plugins and never will change to anything else! Good job, SSA team!.”

@cdctransport February 14th, 2024

New Gravity Forms Booking Video Tutorial

Get inspired with our new Gravity Forms booking form tutorial – the possibilities are endless with this powerful integration. Build booking forms with conditional logic, advanced payment methods, multi-page forms, and more with the SSA + Gravity Forms integration.

YouTube video

Hoppy Leap Year!

And last but not least, Hoppy Leap Year, everybody! We hope you can take advantage of the bonus day this year and book extra appointments for February 29th. 

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