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If the reschedule/cancel link included in the confirmation emails is directing to a 404 page, there are usually two potential culprits causing this:

  • Security Plugins
  • 404 to Homepage Plugins

Security Plugins

Sometimes, overly protective security plugins will mark long URLs as 404s. One plugin we know for sure has this setting is the iThemes Security plugin.

If you’re not using iThemes but another security plugin, we still recommend that you contact their support team and ask if they have a setting that restricts long URLs.

iThemes Security

To turn this setting off, go to the iThemes dashboard > System Tweaks > disable the Long URL Strings setting.

Here’s a forum response by @nlpro that should give you some assurance when disabling this setting.

After you make the setting changes, you’ll see a message that mentions, “You must restart your NGINX server for the changes to take effect.“. If you’re unsure how to do this, please contact your host to help you.

404 to Homepage Plugins

We also commonly see this issue being caused by 404 to Homepage plugins. They treat our long change/reschedule URL as a 404, and you’ll see that you’re being taken to the homepage or another page.

There are a variety of plugins out there that do this, so we won’t cover a specific one.

But, if you’re experiencing this, we recommend you remove that plugin and use something like Redirection instead.

Redirection lets you easily track 404 errors and manually manage the redirect.

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