Schedule and Display Appointments with Our Elementor Booking Widgets

Easy-to-Use Booking Widgets for Elementor

Set up a booking form or show logged-in customers their upcoming appointments quickly and easily with our built-in Elementor widgets for Simply Schedule Appointments.

Screenshot of Elementor Booking Widget

Schedule New Appointments

Allow your customers to book appointments by simply adding our booking widget to your page. Display a specific appointment type, or let your customer select which appointment type they’d like to book.

Screenshot of Elementor Upcoming Appointments Widget

Display Upcoming Appointments

Show logged-in users their upcoming appointments with handy links to view details, reschedule or cancel as needed. Say goodbye to customers having to rummage through their email inbox to confirm.

Launch and Customer Your Appointment Booking in Minutes


Set Up Simply Schedule Appointments

Choose the right Simply Schedule Appointments edition for you or your business, install, and activate. Our Elementor booking widgets are included with every edition, and will automatically be available in Elementor upon activation.


Drag-n-Drop Our Elementor Booking Widgets

Choose a page on your website to edit with Elementor, search “appointments” in the widget panel, and simply drag-and-drop your desired widget onto the page—that’s it!


Customize the Widgets to Match Your Website's Style

Our booking widgets for Elementor allow you to completely customize and style their appearance to perfectly match your website’s branding and color scheme.

Get Even More Out of Our Elementor Booking Widgets

Faster & Easier Booking Process

Our built-in booking widgets for Elementor allow you to automatically associate newly-booked appointments with a user’s account—even if they’re logged out at the time of booking.

If the user is logged in, our appointment booking widget will auto-fill the booking form with the customer’s name and email address for faster and easier booking.

Users that are logged in will also be able to see and confirm their upcoming appointments with you via the upcoming appointment widget (allowing them to avoid digging through their mailbox for booking details and ensuring more successful appointments).

Manage Schedule for Multiple Staff

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