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In this guide, we’ll go over how to use Simply Schedule Appointments with your WordPress Multisite Network.

When using SSA on a multisite network, each subsite will have its own unique install of the plugin. Their appointment information is not shared between sites. If you’d like to sync appointments between the subsite, the closest workaround requires Google Calendar Sync.

Licensing Overview

The plugin should function well within a WordPress Multisite network. If you’re planning to purchase the plugin, we recommend you purchase the license that will cover the number of sites there are in your multisite install.

How to use SSA on a Multisite Network

To use SSA on a multisite, you must install the plugin as a network install, and if you have a premium edition of the plugin, you should activate the license on each site.

1. Install SSA on the Multisite Network

On your WordPress dashboard, navigate to My Sites > Network Admin > Plugins. From here, you’ll hit Add New and upload your zip file for the SSA plugin.

2. Activate on the Multisite Network

Network Activate – Add Plugin to All Subsites

After the installation, you will see a link to Network Activate the plugin. If you network activate SSA, all of your subsites will see the ‘Appointments’ tab on their WordPress Dashboards. Each subsite will also be able to edit and manage their own SSA settings and appointments as they’d like.

Or, Don’t Network Activate – Allow Subsites to Decide

If you’d like to only use SSA on your root site or allow your subsites to choose whether or not they would like to utilize SSA, you should avoid clicking Network Activate after the plugin installation. This way, the root site and subsites can choose whether or not they would like to activate SSA for themselves.

Be sure to allow subsites to see the plugin menu in their WordPress Dashboards so that they can choose to activate the SSA plugin.

3. Add Your License to the Plugin

Whether you choose to Network Activate or not, be sure to add your license to each site’s SSA Settings to ensure you and your clients continue receiving plugin updates.

Check out our guide on how to Activate and Add Your License for more information.

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