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How to setup single appointment days so that the time slot selection screen is skipped. Use the following settings to allow your customers to only pick a date in your booking calendar.

Note that a booking calendar can still have days that skip the time selection screen and days that require the customer to choose a time. It can be mixed!

Useful For:

  • All day appointments where customers only need to choose a time
  • Only offer a single time slot each day

Only Pick a Date Demo

This is how single time slot appointments should look with a single Appointment Type embedded.

How Skipping the Time Selection Screen Looks Like

And, this is what it looks like with all the Appointment Types listed out.

How Skipping the Time Selection Screen Looks Like with Multiple Appointment Types

Use Specific Start Times

Under your Appointment Type’s availability tab, choose the Specific Start Times option, this step is important for this to work properly.

Select Single Time Slot

In the interactive availability calendar, only choose a single time slot per day.

Selecting only a single time slot per day

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